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Aug 30, 2007 08:31 AM

Restaurant Updates?

Does anyone have any current updates to share, about Kosher restaurants in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey, that have not been reviewed here lately?
To mention a couple of places that I haven't heard about lately, I would love to hear recent feedback about Mosaica (under the new ownership) and Orchidea.
Thanks very much!

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  1. I have been to Mosaica twice this summer. The food has been very good both times, but the menu has stayed largely static since the founding chef left - while he was there, it would change seasonally. They have redecorated, enclosing the formerly open kitchen. As always, there is only one waiter, who can get overwhelmed when the restaurant is full.

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      Thanks. Is the current menu similar to the style of the original Mosaica, or, if you know, is the menu more similar to that of The Orchid, the other restaurant owned by the current owner of Mosaica?

      1. re: Bzdhkap

        I have never been to The Orchid, but the current menu is very similar in style to that of the original Mosaica. I remember some of the dishes that are on the menu now from before the original chef left.

    2. I've been lately to Sacred Chow in Manhattan, and to Palace Grill in Brooklyn (the new one on Ave J and Nostrand, not the horrible one next to Eichlers that closed down a few years ago), and I'll report on them soon. I also intend to check out the newly opened Jerusalem Palace (between Subsational and Burgers Bar) and report on that as well. And I still have to write a report on the halachic dinner in LA a few weeks ago....

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        Does sacred chow have any certification? I can not tell from their website.
        Palace grill is a very good local place. I have not gotten there yet but the family has and the food is consistently very good

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          Sacred Chow is certified by R Yaacov Schwarc, who was the rabbi of YI of Santa Barbara until his recent move to NYC.

      2. Thanks so much, GilaB for the Mosaica info. "zsero": Looking forward to your reports. I just happened to pass by the old location of Bissaleh, in Brooklyn, tonight, and noticed the sign for Jerusalem Palace. I was planning to ask if anyone knew about it.

        1. Where are Mosaica and Orchidea located? Never heard of them! (Am I too Manhattan-centric?)

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            Evidently. Orchidea is in Borough Park, and Mosaica is in Vauxhall NJ

          2. The original comment has been removed