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Aug 30, 2007 08:23 AM

ISO: Tipo "00" on LBI

Looking everywhere! I've tried Little Bite of Italy, Mario's, the Cheese Shoppe even Shop Rite.

Any ideas as to where I can get my hands on some Tipo 00 flour?

Oh, and while I'm at it, anywhere I can get a French rolling pin?

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  1. My sister lives on Long Island & she always gets it thru mail order. If you find yourself by Arthur Avenue, I've often noticed it at Joe's Deli on 187th Street about 3 blocks from Arthur. I've seen french rolling pins at Bed & Bath, and also the Martha Stewart line at Kmart.

    1. Not sure on the flour. For the rolling pin, try Pottery Barge in Ship Bottom, they have a ton of stuff!