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Aug 30, 2007 08:22 AM

Banjara Review: Superb

Just had dinner last night at Banjara. I've eaten at many Indian restaurants around the world (and in Manhattan). Banjara was excellent food through and through, a definite go-to place in the city. We started with a baby dosa (crepe) appetizer filled with potatoes, sambar (a thick lentil soup designed to go with the dosa), and a mint chutney. Simple and tasty. So too was the "aloor chop" -- a set of fried potato patties.

Then for main courses we had a paneer butter masala -- an entree not on the menu but which the kitchen was happy to prepare for us -- which constituted a spicy red masala sauce covering long, thick chunks of paneer. The paneer was clearly fresh and cooked correctly. We also had a mixed vegetable dish, or navrattan korma, which had just the right edge of spiciness and sweetness, and whose vegetables were crisp and distinct from each other. The naan bread we ordered also had a slight crunch, just the way I like it. Best of all, they gave us some free mango kulfi at the end of the meal.

The thing I liked most about it is that there were no misses. Even the rice was aromatic and cooked to the right consistency. The kulfi was very good. Everyone was very happy with their dishes. And the price is right.

A very strong recommendation.

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  1. I like this place a lot, good to hear. About the paneer butter masala - was the sauce something like the sauce in tikka masala? It sounds like it's spicy and not as creamy as tikka masala sauce. Where was the butter? In the sauce? I might have to request this next time.

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    1. re: janethepain

      I can't, unfortunately, compare the sauce to a tikka masala because I'm vegetarian and I've never eaten tikka masala before. I'm pretty sure the butter is in the sauce, yes...

      1. re: shivohum

        Glad you liked Banjara; it's my fave Indian restaurant in town.

      2. re: janethepain

        I think that the "butter masala" is the sauce that is also called "makhani" --

        1. re: toum

          Hah! Well if that's true, I guess I may have ordered something that was on the menu after all -- they do normally offer "paneer makani."

      3. It's my fave place in town for Chicken Vindaloo. Best Indian place on 6th imho.

        1. I, too, like Banjara, but I have to say that their dosas are NOT good. It's a North Indian restaurant, and dosa is a dish from the South...the Northerners just don't make it right!

          That aside, it's hands down the best place on E. 6th (and yes I like it better than Brick Lane Curry House)