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Aug 30, 2007 08:15 AM

Any new reports on Yo's Shushi

I'm trying to explore more restaurants in my neighborhood (outer mission), I've always meant to try this place out. I drive past it every day, it always seems pretty empty but I remember hearing good things, I checked the boards but nothing recent (this year) came up.

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  1. Yo's is exactly the same as ever, except they're now open on Sundays.

    Fine neighborhood option, not a lot of fancy rolls, no real kitchen.

    1. I live in the neighborhood and go for the Yo's Special roll on a regular basis. It's addictive if you like things on the sweet side - tempera shrimp inside the roll, avocado, bbq eel, and salmon roe on top. Drizzled with the sweet sauce normally found on bbq eel and a wasabi sauce. Their goma ae is tasty, too. Not wowed by much else, but normally round out the order with spicy tuna roll or something.

      1. It's a nice option. As Windy said, they aren't really into the rolls and fusion, but it's a quiet, relaxing place to get more traditional nigiri sushi.