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Aug 30, 2007 08:11 AM

Food Wall in JP

Got that once in a while feenin' for some good "bad" Chinese and figured that, based on other posts, Food Wall would be a good (enough) local source for some delivery. Wow, was I wrong. Yes, (I confess!) I was seeking out the ol' pu pu platter appetizers, plus some green beans. But c'mon, just because it's Americanized Chinese standards doesn't mean that it can't taste good and have a decent fry job. But wow, everything was in a pool of oil, WAY more than one would expect, and yet much of it was also dried out. Worst egg roll I've ever tasted. Most of the food hit the trash.

FWIW, my favorite egg roll/crab rangoon fix - believe it or not - was Lucky Garden on Concord Ave in Cambridge. The rest of their food is awful, but when you're looking for that fried fix, those two items are great. And I like the chicken wings at Qingdao - they are expertly fried, juicy but not greasy, and have lots of ginger flavor.

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  1. Yeah, Food Wall really isn't that good, but it's so unbelievably cheap! When I've got a couple of bucks in my pocket and am craving big bad chicken fingers, I've been known to order them along with the fried rice....however, I've picked up & not had them delivered. If I'm gonna eat fried food I want to eat it asap, not at the mercy of the delivery that may have been part of your problem. The food needs all the help it can get, and allowing it to sit around will probably only add to it's detriment. I've also gotten some of their chicken dishes in the past but have never been that impressed. The bottom line --I'd rather spend twice the amt and get much tastier food.

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    1. re: twentyoystahs

      I live right nearby, so I figured it shouldn't have been a problem. The food was piping hot still.

      So when you spend twice the amount for tasty good "bad" food, where do you go? (Not sure I'm willing to take the caloric risk again, but it's worth asking!)

      1. re: MB fka MB

        No where in JP, or surrounding area, unfortunately.
        I have heard pretty good things abt Bernard's, in the Chestnut Hill Mall.....for somewhere relatively close by, but I haven't been there.
        My favorite is East Asia but that's in Somerville, clearly nowhere near JP.
        Otherwise I probably end up sticking to Chinatown. Or Chau Chau in Dorchester, not far from where i work.
        However, I am REALLY looking forward to the soon-to-be opened "Myers & Chang" on Washington St in the South End. That's only abt a 10 minute drive from my house and I can easily swing by there on my way home from work. I have a feeling that'll fill the void.

    2. sorry to hear about your bad experience. i've had take out from food wall probably a dozen times or so, and i've always found it to be at or slightly above average for american-chinese take out. i don't particularly like egg rolls, but my experience with them at food wall is that they are exactly the same as they are everywhere else. i also rather like their chicken wings. i guess i haven't really thought about the quality of the fry job or whether they have a gingery je-ne-sais-quoi, but for what they are i think they're great.

      have you tried their chicken with ginger and scallions? that's my favorite so far.

      anyway, are we in agreement that food wall is much, much better than charlie chans (the other place down centre st.)? to be clear, it's not that i think food wall is particularly great--it's that the other options in jp anyway are particularly bad.

      p.s. has anyone tried that take out place that's on centre street by the monument (close to tedeschi's)?

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      1. re: autopi

        that chicken w/ginger and scallions IS ok, and again, you can get it with some sort of combo lunch special, i think w/a soup and app for something like $5-6 bucks. pretty tough to beat, though again, nothing all that special.

        1. re: autopi

          This is probably the first time I've ordered delivery, and Americanized Chinese food at that, in a couple of years, and since I've just moved to JP I don't have an opinion on any other places. My roommate suggested Dragon Star (I think?) in Brookline for the good "bad" stuff for takeout.

          1. re: MB fka MB

            the all-day-specials come with an app and fried rice. no soup. no, not the best thing ever. but pretty good.

            but look guys, i'm a bit confused here. of course, on the whole spectrum of chinese or even american-chinese places in the greater boston area, food wall is not that special. but that would be comparing apples and oranges.

            wouldn't the better comparison be to $5-6 american chinese takeout that is convenient to get to (e.g. apparently Dragon Star)? since after all, everyone admits part of the draw of food wall is its convenience.

            american-chinese takeout in this area might not be as good as in the cambridge-somerville area. that would be consistent with my view that JP is actually quite weak, chow-wise, but that's a topic for another day.

            1. re: autopi

              I hear what you're saying about convenience, but I would argue that simply by being convenient, bad food does not become acceptable--except maybe when you're stuck at the airport on the layover from hell and your supply of snacks ran out hours ago. (Though I've been know to take a taxi to a 'houndworthy meal in Puerto Rico while I'm on layover in that food wasteland of an airport!)

            2. re: MB fka MB

              Bernard's is super, Mandarin Gourmet in Putterham is close by and good, I call Charlie Chan's when I'm desperate and Food Wall has its moments if you stay basic.

          2. Triple Eatery in Roslindale delivers to JP (it's on Cummins Highway if you want pickup) and it's delicous. PuPu Platter is a TON of food and all good, also the peking ravioli is my favorite.

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            1. re: devilham

              I must disagree on the Triple Eatery recommendation. That place is simply disgusting. On several dreary winter evenings I ordered delivery from there and every time more food hit the trash than my stomach. The sauteed garlic/eggplant was encased in oil and came covered in something that resembled oyster sauce but was really a tasteless, sickly sweet brown gel of some kind. The eggrolls reeked of acrid oil (I wondered if they ever changed the oil in the fryer). After two experiences I vowed never to go back (I always give a place at least three chances to redeem themselves but Triple Eatery was SO bad I knew they would never improve enough to make me want to return). If we want decent Chinese we head over to Brookline Village to pick up food at Sichuan Garden. The dry hot chili chicken is pretty tasty.

              1. re: bakemeacake

                I tried Triple Eatery last night and was unimpressed as compared to the similar dishes I've gotten at Food Wall.

                I'll take Food Wall's dumplings, chow foon, soups, and Pepper&Pepper beef over Triple Eatery's versions.

                1. re: JP RS

                  Agreed, the Chow Foon is really good, nice smoky flavor, not stingy on the beef, nice broad noodle consistancy. I like Food Wall - it does in a pinch.

                  I mean, it is pretty good compared to the rest of the "drunk crowd" garbage chinese food places in the city.

                  1. re: Prav

                    I am sorry both of you had a bad experience at my suggestion, I have always had good luck with them. Well, to each there own I say, and good luck on finding a Chinese place you do like.

            2. partly inspired by this discussion, i got takeout from foodwall last night. the veg lo mein was 100% standard--entirely predictable takeout chinese. i like it.

              the shrimp w/cashew nuts was ok--the shrimp were succulent & the veg's were crisp & fresh. but the sauce was really "meh," and did not have much flavor or heat. i would have preferred less sauce and more cashews.

              still, decent overall for $10. sichuan garden in brookline is probably the next closest step up (in quality & price) from food wall.