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Aug 30, 2007 08:01 AM

prepared food in Montreal

I am in Montreal for 2 weeks. Working at the University of Montreal and staying downtown. Looking for recomendations of markets or gourmet shops open past 6pm for prepared food to take home.

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  1. you're more or less working in the Cotes-des-neiges Area. The mom&pop restaurants i know that are open late for take=out is further down in CDN on Victoria/Van Horne area. You say you're staying downtown, well there's always Le Faubourg on Ste.Cathereine between Guy & St.Mathieu w/c has a variety of food for take out. It's like a big fast food court of ethnic varieties.
    Most grocery shops that open late pretty much have prepared foods.

    1. Not a lot in Côte des Neiges and the post-6 p.m. requirement further limits your choices. The one spot not to miss is Boucherie Atlantique, corner of Queen Mary and Côte des Neiges, a German/Austrian butcher and grocery with a bar filled with delicious salads and other takeout items. Make sure you head over to the butcher counter for some of their addictive ham salad, too. Open till 6 p.m. M-W, 7 p.m. Th-F, 5 p.m Sa, but it's close to campus so if you hot-foot it...

      If you're willing to swing downtown around the east side of the mountain, the Laurier/Park Ave. nexus has several possibilities. Anjou-Québec, open till 7 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, has a good selection of freshly made and frozen dishes. Vova, near Frite Alors! on Park north of Fairmount, has homey takeout dishes and an endearing proprietress; am unsure of their hours. La Forchetta, on Laurier a block and a half east of Park, has a huge choice of antipasti and, I believe, some other Italian fare for takeout. Supermarché PA on Park sells excellent taramasalata, tzatziki, pita, etc., so you could make your own pikilia plate (don't know if the new store downtown has these house-made products but they probably do). If you wander up to St-Viateur, you'll find some takeout at Latina and the Polish Euro-Deli Batory, plus you can pick up some fresh bagels at the bagel factory for the next morning.

      The Plateau has any number of stores specializing in takeout dishes but that's kind of out of your way.

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        Yeah, I was wondering where you were staying downtown. And a lot of the places I knew while studying at Université de Montréal have closed. Definitely Boucherie Atlantique - close enough that you can go there on a break (depending on where on campus you are working). If you are taking the CDN bus downtown, le Faubourg is right by where you get out to transfer to the métro or walk. If you are taking the métro, you'd have to transfer at Jean-Talon anyway; many things close early there though, perhaps some are open Thursday and Friday evenings.

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          I don't know exactly what the downtown Supermarche PA (rue du Fort) has, but they do have a pretty big selection of prepared foods as well as the ingredients to put together your own snacks. Of course, late in the day some prepared items may have sold out. Worth stopping by at least once to scope it out.