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Aug 30, 2007 07:59 AM

Date tonight in EV/NoHo/GV

So, I have a date tonight (you guys are getting a pretty good sampling of my love life - it seems like I post whenever I have a date). I live in Alphabet City, she lives in Greenwich Village. I don't like planning dinner for a first date, but all the better if we make it that far. My original plan was to take her to Pipa for sangria and tapas, unfortunately she went there last night. My staple date locations are Grape and Grain or Winebar

I'm leaning more towards Grape and Grain for tonight unless someone has a good idea of something different.


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  1. so i guess you dont post that often?

    how bout Hop Devil?

    1. For a romantic scene go to Apizz. For less pressure try OG or Il Baggatto. For loud and drink oriented try Avenue A sushi

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      1. re: princeofpork

        I like Il Bagatto, that's near the top of my list if drinks go well. The reason why I like Grape & Grain and/or Winebar is because they have some good apps and small plates to go along with the wine.

        1. re: kicks82

          How about Bar Veloce (one in East Viallge, one in Chelsea) or the new 8th street wine cellar. Both have small things to eat and lots of wine.

          Also new which could be fun is Spitzers Corner in LES.

      2. Does 5th Ave and 8th Street count? It's below 14th, so it should.

        Otto. Great wine bar and small plates up front, with the option to sit down in the back if the opportunity arises.

        1. This might sound a bit strange, but how about Momofuku Ssam Bar? Depending on what time you arrive there shouldn't be too much of a wait for two seats at the bar, and you can share several small plates while drinking. Definitely not a romantic spot, so no pressure there, and I've always found it to have a nice vibe.

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          1. re: slcorlis

            id never go there on a date but to each his/her own.

            im thinking drinks at another room followed by dinner at cafe cluny...its laid back, its quaint and has just the right cosmopolitan charm that works on a date.

          2. If you are looking for someplace that is more bar than restaurant, but has enough (good) food that you could make a dinner out of it if things go well, and since you were already thinking tapas, you might want to consider Alta (on West 10th Street, just off of 6th Ave). Quiet enough to hear one another talk, but lively enough to be fun. Menu and other details here:

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            1. re: MiloTock

              I was thinking the exact same thing, but thought it might be too far from Alphabet City. Definitely a fantastic place for a date that you can shorten or prolong depending on the tapas you order throughout the evening.

              1. re: JungMann

                Well, the date lives in Greenwich Village, and if he was thinking of going to Pipa, Alta should not be a problem. Besides, it is a beautiful summer night out, and getting from Alphabet City to central GV should not be a problem. It is not as if I was suggesting doing something crazy -- like going to the UWS or Brooklyn!

              2. re: MiloTock

                Alta's definitely worth the trek from alphabet city :) Everyone we've ever taken there has been very impressed... and it really is so flexible in terms of having a snack vs staying for dinner.