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Aug 30, 2007 07:57 AM

Where to eat Saturday? (Detroit)

The parents have volunteered to take the kidlet, so we are going out for dinner Saturday! Where should we go? We are pretty much adventurous eaters, and would like someplace with a "grownup" atmosphere . Some of our faves are Bastone, Roma Cafe, Union Street, Nami, etc. and that's about the price point we're hoping for. We're at Eight and Woodward and don't want to go far afield (Downriver and the East Side are probably out). I am pregnant, so anyplace super smoky or where the drinks are a bigger draw than the food would be out. Atlas Global Bistro? Mosaic? Any other suggestions?

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  1. We've always liked the food at Howe's Bayou in your neighborhood at 9 and woodward. They allow smoking, but i don't recall it being oppressive. And they regularly have entertainment

    I like Vincente's, a Cuban restaurant hidden behind the Compuware bldg downtown.

    A litle further away is Giovanni's Italian. We haven't been there for a good while, but I have had the yen to return soon. Some of the best Italian meals I ever enjoyed were there. Giovanni's is in an industrial neighborhood in SW Detroit - 330 Oakwood. You should do a map for either Vincente's or Giovanni's

      1. How about Fiddleheads on 13 Mile? Fresh, seasonal food, light and airy environment, close to home. And, of course, there's always Sweet Lorraine's, though my husband doesn't like it as much as I do. You can dine well and not feel rushed, so you could enjoy a leisurely evening.

        1. There are several other decent suggestions in this thread, but I'm going to put in a vote of confidence in Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro in Novi. I was just there tonight, and had a wonderful braised pork shank ($17) in a white bean gumbo with andouille sausage, green peppers, etc. It was very tasty. All entrees come with either a house or Caesar salad, and I always go with the house, which is various baby greens, pine nuts, dried cranberries, and their *fantastic* house-made citrus vinaigrette. Very impressive. House-made bread is also included, though it isn't anything to jump up and down about. It's still good, though.

          I topped it off with a chocolate molten lava cake ($7), served with espresso whipped cream on top, a bit of chocolate and caramel, and some viciously good fresh-cut strawberries that were marinated in mint syrup and normal syrup, along with actual mint. This dessert was *amazing*, and this is coming from someone who finds that lava cakes are *far* too ubiquitous. The espresso whipped cream was nothing short of unbelievable, and I don't even *like* whipped cream. It was like breathing wonderful espresso-flavored air.

          Anyway, the whole thing was had for $30, tax and tip included (no beverages). Every time I've been there, the food has impressed me. Every single time.

          That should tell you something, right there.