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Aug 30, 2007 07:51 AM

Suggestion for Sunday lunch in Tucson

We will be staying in Tucson on Sat, Sep 8, but for only 1 night. We're going to do El Charro (downtown) for lunch, I think and already have a reservation for Poca Cosa for dinner. The next morning we're going to Xavier del Bac. We have to catch a 5PM flight back to Chicago that pm, so we have time for a nice lunch/brunch. Aside from the food stands at the mission, any suggestions? We are open to any type of food, but would like to keep entrees under $20...something fairly unique to Tucson (but not Mexican) would be ideal.
Thank you for your ideas.

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  1. I love Feast for Sunday lunch. Excellent food and it's usually pretty quiet at that time. Their website is

    1. The Arizona Inn patio is the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch. Their brunch menu is around $20 and is listed at Make sure and request a spot on the patio when you make reservations.

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        The AZ Inn is lovely, but it'll cost $30pp, in my experience. Check out the bottom of this menu before you go:

        I LOVE Feast, and highly recommend it. Also consider the JW Marriott at StarrPass, which has a great view and wonderful brunch for under $20 if you don't order champagne: terrific crunchy french toast, custom omelettes, ripe fruits, and the best lox other than homemade. (But be warned: don't drive there - save the valet $ by leaving your car at the StarrPass golf course and taking the free shuttle.)

      2. I'll put in a third recommendation for Feast (try the Tres Leches cake). You might also consider Delectables, or Bison Witches on 4th Ave.