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Aug 30, 2007 07:40 AM

Clam rolls in Phila

D@%$ the New York Times food section! Does anyone know of somewhere local with a great fried clam sandwich? I'd love to stay in Phila, but between here and the shore (Cape May) or other scenic day trip might do if it is really worth it! Thanks!

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  1. I know -- I was ready to jump in my car and drive north after reading that article. It seems virtually impossible to find Ipswich clams around here. Legal Seafood in King of Prussia does have fried clams (both platters and sandwiches). If I can't find fried clams this weekend down the shore I'm heading to KofP (hatered of chain restaurants be damned).

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      I can get the clams through Ipolitos - but then I have to cook them - not sure which is worse cooking them or legal seafood ... sigh!

      1. re: hungry100

        I had fried clams at Legal Seafood in King of Prussia a couple of weeks ago, and they weren't very good. They had a really odd, almost sour taste to them. I kept thinking "I'm paying Legal Seafood prices for this! I've had better clams at Howard Johnsons!" The clam chowder was lovely, as always, but I'll be looking elsewhere for my fried clams.

        1. re: kwheless

          Thanks kwheless! I would have hated to go to my first chain restaurant in years and have it be that bad (although come to think of it that's why I don't go to chain restaurants)