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Le Bernardin dress code

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I'm going to lunch tomorrow at Le Bernardin; very excited. On OpenTable, it said the dress code is "jacket required." Do you think they would be more lax during lunchtime? Can you get away with a nice button-down and slacks instead? I've called restaurants before about their dress codes, and they always say, "Yes, it's jacket required," but then I go and see other people with just nice shirt and pants, so I wanted to check.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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    1. No. You should wear a sport jacket.

      1. It is true that often when you call a restaurant and they tell you, "Jacket required," you show up nicely jacketed only to discover that there's someone dining there in shirtsleeves.

        We've only been to Le Bernardin for dinner, and all the men were wearing jackets. LB gets a lot of business clientele at lunch and they will, no doubt, be "suitably" attired. (Pun intended.) So, you can't go wrong by wearing a jacket, and if you find there are men who are not, you can always remove it and hang it on the back of your chair.

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          Thanks, RGR! Jacket it is! Good thing it's cooler outside today.

        2. Update/follow-up to the OP:

          I'm going to LB for dinner tonight - can I get away with a nice jacket/shoes/shirt and a pair of clean jeans? Or will I be flamb├ęd?

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            I went there once directly from work when I had a huge knee brace on, so I had to wear baggy cargo-style pants. I had crutches too, so they were understanding on that front. But I was unaware of the dress code, and had only a very nice button-down shirt on as well. They very graciously loaned me a jacket. They didn't flambee me, but they did insist on the jacket.

            This was several years ago, but I think they still insist on their dress code. And I honestly think they will "frown upon" your jeans, no matter how clean/nice/expensive.