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Aug 30, 2007 07:37 AM

Local purchase: knife carrying case

I'm starting culinary school next week (local community college) and I decided (due to my stretched out finances) to put together my own knife kit. A friend is giving me a few of his knives (not terrific - but the exact same Russell white handled knives that are in the - gulp - $200 knife kit we are 'required' to buy.

All I need is a decent chef's knife (may just go with the one I use here at home for now, as long as I can get it sharpened), and a knife carrying case, or knife roll. But since I need it pronto, I'm restricted to finding someplace that sells these locally. (Holiday on Monday makes the time element even more crucial!)

On the down side, without a car, I'm restricted to T accessible places. But I have a business tax number from a not-too-successful IM venture earlier this year, so I could also go to a business-only wholesale place, providing there is no initial cost (cuz I'm broke as broke can be).

I know the chowhound community can help me in my search!

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  1. Eastern Bakers Supply on North Washington, easy walking distance from Haymarket, North Station or even Gov't Center. I have seen both knife rolls and cases there, as well as various chefs knives. They discount over the marked prices, no business certificate needed. Pick up lunch at Mangia Mangia, Regina's, or Fresh Cheese all a short stroll away (Massimo's for a more sitdown lunch).

    They may try to close early tomorrow...

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      Cool. I'll give them a call. Knew Monday was a out for the wholesale-type places, but didn't think of any closing early on Friday. Thanks for the heads up on that.

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        Ah - forgot to add - don't tempt me with the lunch recommendations! I'm SO broke right now (but I might have a good chance for a weekend job, so things should be a bit easier later). Had planned to get clams when I went in town last week (as I posted), but I opted for a cheaper, but VERY delish cannoli at Maria's - didn't realize that it's the place right next to Joe Pace's. I went by there SO many times in the past, but never stopped there. SO glad I did - have to admit, even better than the cannolis I've made on holidays.

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          Get a supercheap lunch at Galleria Umberto instead? Under $5 and very tasty! :)

      2. Try Kitchen Arts on Newbury Street near the corner of Dartmouth Street. They have a decent selection of refurbished knives, which could save you some money versus new. I've seen knife rolls there.

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          Wow - that's the kind of info that's priceless for me. I'm going to head over there as soon as I can. For now, my friend's knife donation will suffice - they are exactly the same as what's in the school's [ahem] required purchase - Russell white handled knives.

          I'm SO glad I have the tiny bit of knowledge to avoid that ridiculous high cost - only four knives (five counting the required bread knife - I have two at home), the case & a few VERY cheap doo-dads for $200... no thank you! I'm not crazy about those Russell knives, but they will do until I can afford something better.

          I also want to learn how to sharpen my knives with a wetstone, but I'll get to that later...

          1. re: threedogs

            Why would they require you to buy a particular set of knives? If you chose to purchase (or already owned) Henckel's Professional "S" or Shun knives or Global knives, providing you could afford them, why should you have to buy something different? Just so everyone's alike in class?

            1. re: LindaWhit

              I was wondering that as well. I finally got sick of my Chicago Cutlery walnut knives (edge just didn't last long) and discovered Shun/Global knives. I'd use them in a class w/o hesitation. They're not all that expensive unless you get the big blades (6 piece set w/ block/shears for $300 and you probably don't need the block or shears)

              1. re: Spike

                I'm going to wait for now. Since my friend has the same type as the school set, I'll go with that. I can't afford $300 - or even $200 right now.

                It's like everyone says - you have to try each knife to find which one feels right. I figure the school wants to make sure students don't walk in with some crappy thing that will break in the students hands. Once I have a few extra dollars, I will most likely get a Shun. So far, I've read a lot of good things about them.

              2. re: LindaWhit

                Hey, believe me - it's part of the 'system.' Fortunately, I've been around the block once or twice (or three, or four times), and I recognize this for what it's worth.

                It's ridiculous. If I had the money, I'd like to try the Shun knives, but that will have to wait until I actually have a job. I have a few knives here at home - but they aren't all that great. I have a French chef's knife I could get sharpened, but the T fare is going to kill me, so I'd like to get a reasonably priced replacement (I really don't like the feel of this one).

                Fortunately, I have a friend who is donating some of his knives to me. He likes them, they are sharp, and since I'm just about totally broke that will have to do - for now.

          2. Stoddard's Cutlery, 50 Temple Place, Boston, MA (617) 426-4187

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              Unfortunately... Stoddard's is no more. Both their Boston locations (Temple Place and Copley Place Mall).

            2. I have a Meisermeister knife case I'm not going to be using anymore - email me at and maybe I can get it to you!