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Aug 30, 2007 07:36 AM

Good Chinese in Manchester, NH

There are a lot of postings for Chinese in Manchester but some are older and restaurants may have changed since then. Anyone have any thoughts for good Chinese in the area??

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  1. IMHO, there really aren't any Chinese restaurants in the area that serve even reasonable facsimiles of non-Americanized ( almost wrote "non-bastardized") Chinese food. To get that you ahve to head south, the closest would be Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica.

    If, on the other hand, you want Americanized Chinese food there are lots of options.

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    1. re: qianning

      Americanized Chinese is fine. There aren't many decent ones around Derry, so I am looking for a decent one in Manchester (I'm not familiar with any there except New Yee <unlike some others, I didn't care for them>). I'm interested in a place that does a decent job with Szechuan dishes (such as Kung Pao beef, hot and sour soup) that is not a greasy sppon.

      1. re: nhtom

        you might want to check out Chen Yang Li, they have three restaurants the original in Bedford (on 101 across from Macy's), and one in Nashua (on Amhesrt St.) and a third in Bow (just off rte. 89).

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          Well the restaraunt itself isn't much to look at, but I really like the food at Aloha on Hannover St. They give you loaf of bread with the meal, and give you some pinapple chunks with the fortune cookies at the end. I've been to a lot of chinese places around here and most are terrible. That Chen Yang Li place is good too, but the two are quite different in syle. Aloha is more of a takeout place and serve that kind of food. Chen is more fancy.

      2. I always enjoyed Taipei and Tokyo just over the border in Bedford but is has been a while since my last visit. Taiwan garden on south willow street was pretty good also.

        1. You also posted this question on August 9th, but included Nashua in your query. Did you try any of the suggestions from your earlier post?

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            I had been looking at Chen Yang Li's menu this morning, but read that the Nashua location is closed, and Bedford is a little farther than I was looking to travel, as I have a young daughter with me. I should have been more specific-I know there are a lot of places in Manchester itself, but haven't been to any except New Yee and would like some suggestions on places in Manchester itself, specifically closer to the Londonderry end. Thanks

            1. re: nhtom

              Chinese close to londondeery then? I used to live in that area. The only sugegstions I have, are two places on the main road that goes past that 50's diner in Derry. Head towards the highway on that, and just before the apple tree on the right there used to be a small chinese place that wasn't terrible. But it changed owners and names a few times so I don't know if it's still open. The other option is just after the appletree mall, on the right again, there's a big building and inside that on the end there's a chinese place which is somewhat fancy. Again, I haven't gone in years and my tastes have changed since then so I don't know how the food is, but I remember it being better than the stuff on the main drag in derry.