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Aug 30, 2007 07:10 AM

Current BYOB restaurants in/near Providence, RI


I am looking for BYOB restaurants in or close to Providence.

I searched through old threads, but a lot of the restaurants seem closed...

Thanks in advance. =)

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  1. We enjoyed a fine dinner at Phonatic just off Thayer Street, was BYOB. Totally acceptable and sometimes even really good Vietnamese(ish). Atmosphere was tidy, clean, and boring. Really appreciated the BYO part.

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    1. re: jsd

      I don't really associate wine with Asian foods... What would you recommend to bring?

      1. re: malyna

        Gew├╝rztraminer, German style Riesling and lighter Chenin Blancs would all pair deliciously.

        1. re: malyna

          We brought vinho verde on a hot summer night and it was swell. Others in our party brought beer.

      2. Friends and I went to Cafe Andiamo in Johnston recently -- not that far from Prov. It was quite nice really, in all aspects. We brought red and white wine -- and had a good (though huge!) Italian dinner. The place was *packed* and we had a reservation. I was actually surprised they took reservations for a party of three since according to my friends and fellow diners we talked with, the place is notoriously busy. Anyway, a friendly, not pretentious, good BYOB restaurant worth the drive from Providence. The chef/owner came out and greeted his customers, too. A very nice, humble guy, in addition to being a good chef.

        1. How about some delicious Indian? I highly recommend Not Just Snacks on Hope Street. This is my ultimate favorite Indian in RI, and it's just such a fun place to eat. Check out their market (spices, produce, etc) across the way after your meal.

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            This is not my "favorite Indian in RI." The entrees are hit or miss, and their samosas are laughable. They are relatively inexpensive though. For better Indian food try Rasoi or Bombay Club (although these are not BYOB).

          2. Pinelli's in West Warwick is BYOB. Good Italian food, very popular.

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            1. re: lezeat

              Newport has great BYOB's .ITs a nicer place to visit also.

              1. re: happycook1

                what restaurants are byob in newport?

                1. re: im hungry

                  Restaurant Lucia is one of our favorites!

                  1. re: im hungry

                    I think Peurini's has BYOB during the week. GREAT restaurant

              2. Prime is running BYOB nights on Mondays this winter.

                "BYOB Every Monday
                BYOB night every Monday, now through February, encouraging the serious wine collector or novice to enjoy there own bottle with a great Prime steak or wild game."