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Aug 30, 2007 07:06 AM

Dining between White Marsh and Harve de Grace

We live in Rockville and are meeting my wife's family from Philadelphia for dinner. Looking for somewhere nice but not outrageously expensive even thought my mother in law is paying (LOL). We were hoping to find a place either in Baltimore or preferably north of Baltimore between Whitel Marsh and Perryville. Towson is also and option. Doing a little research I found this place, MacGregor's Restaurant in Harve de Grace right on the water, has anyone been there. Thanks in advance for the help. Michael.

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  1. Laurrapin is in HDGrace and Aquatica just outside it on Rt40

    1. I really like MacGregors food. The rockfish is excellent. I often get the portobello caeser slad & cream of crab. The decor is dated but the deck is lovely, the bar is cozy & all tables in the dining room have a view f the water.