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Aug 30, 2007 06:40 AM

Xmas in New Orleans

We've recently been presented with an opportunity that would have us visiting New Orleans from around 12/23 to 12/27 or so. Can anyone tell me what the restaurant scene is like around Christmas? Are restaurants open Christmas day?

I've never tried to do any real traveling around the holidays just because of the crowds of people trying to do the same thing. Restaurants at home tend to not be at their best this time of year, between staff members wanting vacation time as much as anyone, limited menus, and the general holiday-inspired lunacy. What is it like there?

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  1. Many NOLA restaurants offer special holiday Reveillion menus...I think that the Reveillion stuff is coordinated through the French Quarter Fest. Look at the FQF website for more info: fqfi.org

    1. This section of the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corp. website has examples of Reveillon menus from last year:


      1. New Orleans from Christmastime to New Year's is wonderful. Things aren't too crowded, the weather's nice and holiday festivities are in the air. All the restaurants we went to 12/26 - 1/1 were definitely up to standards. The only potential downside can be the Reveillon menus IF you are going to a place for the regular menu. And, be sure to ask when making reservations whether or not a Reveillon menu is being used that night. We reserved at Upperline and nobody told us that the only menu would be the Reveillon one that night. Though it was excellent, we would have liked to have known. Also, don't expect restaurant normalcy on New Year's Eve -- you'll run into either expensive NY Eve prix fixe "evenings" or closures. I remember Palace Cafe did have its regular menu that night but not many others. All said, you will have a great time at that time of year! I know I'llbe there.

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          Regarding it not being too crowded: While it might not affect someone leaving on the 27th, the Sugar Bowl is January 1st and the BCS Championship game is January 8th. I certainly hope the restaurants are crowded!

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            And they'll be esp crowded when LSU ends up in the championship game. Geaux tigers.

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              It's just too bad we can't play in both. Counting down to 7:00. New thread: best New Orleans game day food?

        2. We have eaten at Upperline the past few years for our anniversary (Dec. 21) Delicious and highly recommended. We love the Reveillon menu. Everytime I say I'm going to get something different, but I can't help getting the Sweetbreads with grits and mushroom ragout. Try it!

          La in LA