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Aug 30, 2007 05:33 AM

good TO chinese at a decent price?

I live in downtown Toronto and have only eaten fast-food Chinese food.
It's giving me a poor opinion of Chinese food, which I know is really because I haven't tried 'GOOD' Chinese food.
New Ho King is alright - that's about the best I've had.

PLEASE give me some suggestions for good Chinese restaurants (any region of China), either downtown or along the subway line, where I can eat for under $40 a person. I need to improve my opinion of Chinese food!

Any recommendations for specific dishes too?


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  1. $40/person is a lot for Chinese food. When I go to Lai Wai Heen for dim sum (arguably the fanciest Chinese restaurant in TO), I usually only spend up to $30. Dinner is more expensive there.

    With that said, do a search on this board for the following and you'll find lots of posts:
    - Lai Wa Heen
    - dumpling / Mother's dumpling / Dumpling House
    - Asian Legend
    - dim sum

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      I'll second the recommendation for Lai Wai Heen and add King's Garden as another option for dim sum downtown (on King, west of University, north side). I like the soup dumplings, pork sandwich and steamed red bean buns at Chinese Traditional Bun (on Dundas, west of Spadina, north side). King's Noodle (on Spadina, north of Dundas, west side) for congee, Asian Legend (on Dundas, west of Beverley, north side) for their rolled onion pancake with beef and red bean pancake only and E-Pan (on Spadina, south of College, east side) for your all-purpose chinese dinner.

    2. Lee Garden is another great option, liked by both Chinese and non-Chinese.

      1. Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
        131 Bloor St. W.,
        2nd Floor (The Colonnade),
        Phone: (416) 923-3323

        Very decent, upscale (eg. clean washrooms), establishment. Comparable to King's Garden (if they are still around...can anyone confirm?), much cheaper than Lai Wah Heen. Our family's default dim sum place in downtown Toronto.

        1. Pearl Harbourfront Restaurant on Queen's Quay is also quite nice.

          1. My Chinese wife only shops for buns and pastries at Kim Moon, on the north side of Dundas just west of the art gallery. There's a BBQ shop almost directly across Dundas, whose name I forget, but offers very tasty pork, duck, and chicken, which you can order in a variety of ways.

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              I think KevinB is referring to Hong Fatt.