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Aug 30, 2007 01:28 AM

Nashville Breakfast

We've been to Nashville several times in the past few months and, while we've found some good breakfast spots, are still searching for any hidden gems. Pancake Pantry is quite good, but the line-up can be a problem at certain times. Noshville is also reliable. We tried Le Peeps on Harding (Lane?, Pike?) and it does some things very well, but has too varied a menu to be great.

Any suggestions for a little place that does simple breakfasts for a reasonable price? Nothing fancy, just good cooking. Anywhere in the Nashville area is fine. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that we'd eaten breakfast at Loveless Cafe. It was enjoyable (not used to the saltiness of the country ham), but a little too far out of town. Glad to have tried it, though.

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      We're solid Noshville fans in our house, with the occasional foray to Fido in Hillsboro Village (great food) and frequent weekend brunches at Golden Coast's dim sum buffet (18th at West End). Bread and Company in both Green Hills and Belle Meade have terrific brunch food, and so does Provence in Hillsboro Village (as I recall).

      I like Mexican-type breakfasts, and occasionaly go to La Hacienda on Nolensville Road for huevos revueltos or migas or a chorizo omelet.

      Someone on these boards just loves Monell's in Germantown for breakfast, but I haven't been. The best brunch I ever had was at Margot a couple of years ago,but I wouldn't call it reasonably priced. Red Wagon (RIP -- closed in Feb) in East Nashv had a great one, too. And if you're really splashing out, the brunch at Cheekwood is supposedly extraordinary,but it's about $30/person.

    2. Germantown Cafe's brunch (I think just Sundays) is lovely and very reasonable for the quality of food you get. There is always a beautiful omelet, a frittata, French toast made with fresh fruit bread, always featuring fresh produce. Although I admit, every time I go for brunch, I just end up getting the French Onion Soup, because it's so darn good there!

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        Thanks fluffernutter and delaneymae for your tips. We have had Sunday brunch at Margot's (very nice), and a quick dinner/snack at Germantown Cafe (quite impressed). We're really looking for a less-classy, more home cookin' kind of place. I'm sure Monell's would fit the description on a weekend, but just need bacon/egg/toast/grits/biscuits etc. for a quick, cheap weekday breakfast.
        When we went to Memphis for a day, I found a Chowhound rec for Bryant's. Excellent biscuits and other breakfast items served without atmosphere (except that it was filled with character and 'characters'. Anything like this in Nashville? I'm not knocking the other spots which are all very good, just looking for plain and simple.

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          The Knife & Fork in East Nashville (a couple of blocks up Gallatin from Margot) used to have a good, cheap breakfast: eggs, biscuits, ham/sausage/bacon/steak, gravy. Nothing fancy, and full of blue haired ladies. They were recently sold to Sylvan Park and I don't know how, if at all, things have changed. The Marché has breakfast/brunch, slightly fancier than that, and it used to be a comfortable neighborhood place to go, but it is now overcrowded, full of scenesters, and has a long wait on the weekends. It might be a better bet for weekdays, though. So long as you don't mind paying extra for bread with your eggs.

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            I was going to suggest Marche. It may be a little more gourmet that what you are looking for. I've only been on weekdays, so I've never experienced the crowd on the weekends.

            Another suggestion is Goldie's Deli on Murphy Road. The menu will be a little similar to Noshville, but the space is much smaller with a more low key feel.

            Nashville is lacking in the breakfast/brunch department.

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              I would second the rec for Fido in Hillsboro Village; the same owner also has Bongo Java on Belmont which is full of "characters" and has egg mcmuffin type things, etc. Jackson', also in Hillsboro Village also has a good, simple breakfast but unfortunately is only Sat/Sun beginning at 9am (you can view the Pancake Pantry line from the patio!) There's also the standard "Bread & Company" which is similar to Provence but larger with a few locations in the area but can sometimes be a bit chaotic. I would give Fido a try; I think it's your best bet for good but not too fancy food as well as an eclectic environment.

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                Thanks, you guys are a great help. Next trip, I've got some good breakfasts to look forward to.

                1. re: Yongeman

                  One that I haven's seen mentioned is Athens Family restaurant on 8th avenue. It is a greek restaurant, but with an all-american breakfast that always hits the spot. There is also a tiny cash-only place just outside downtown called hermitage cafe that has a great menu of hash browns, eggs, country fried steak, etc. Also, one might try Sevala's cafe downtown on weekdays.

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                    Second the rec for Athens Family restaurant on 8th Ave/Franklin Rd. I think it may be just what you are looking for!

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                      Oh, duh, of course. And Athens Family Restaurant is open all night as well -- the only place in Nashville where this is true. If you're interested in the Fido/Bongo Java thing there is a Bongo Java in East Nashville as well, if that is more convenient for you. I'll second the mention of Goldie's as well. In the considered, NYC-living opinion of my entire family, it's a far better choice than Noshville.

        2. This conversation ended up in Sunday's Tennessean (Sept 2 issue):

          Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the "article." Hopefully some more breakfast ideas will come of it.

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          1. re: Jennie

            Oh that's cool, Jennie. Chowhound in the Tennessean! Thanks for posting the link. Can't wait to get back to Nashville to try some of the places mentioned here. Thanks.

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              That's great! Thanks for sharing, Jennie. I'm bummed I missed it.

            2. Had a really terrific breakfast the summer before last at a little diner-style place right across the street from Vanderbilt campus called Vandyland. Superb house-made biscuits and country ham. Also a must-have, however weird it may seem at breakfast hours, is a chocolate malt or milkshake or even just a chocolate milk, made with the house-made chocolate syrup. Really cool little place, although I recall there being something weird about their hours.

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              1. re: IHateKiddo

                I wouldn't worry about Vandyland's hours anymore, they have shut their doors for good. Gone are the nights of chocolate milkshakes and a grilled cheese.

                  1. re: IHateKiddo

                    They were victims of "the man" -- rent went up and they couldn't keep up with it. :-(

              2. Thought of another good one -- Arnold's on 8th Avenue is a meat-n-three that serves breakfast. Traditional eggs, bacon, toast, biscuits, grits. Check before you go -- I haven't worked downtown in years, so I can't guarantee it's still serving breakfast, especially since Arnold occasionally wavered on whether breakfast was profitable for him.

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                  That would be amazing if it was open for breakfast--we had a great lunch at Arnold's a few weeks ago. I kinda think it's not open for breakfast, though. Anyone know?