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Aug 29, 2007 11:29 PM

Another 21st Bday

So I've been reading the posts for 21st bdays and I still haven't found what I'm looking for. We're bringing my son and friends (10 of us all together) out to dinner for his bday next Friday in LA. We're from NorCal so we don't know places in LA. We don't want Japanese (we were just in Japan); no Asian Fusion, no Italian, no Chinese...special$30-$40 per person (not incl drinks)...downtown; Hollywood...near SC. I've checked The Palms (no reservations avail); will try AOC; Traxx has reservations but I hear its a dud...We'll probably have dinner with them and they may go out afterwards. Help!

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  1. Traxx ain't bad, and it's in an interesting building.

    Does it have to be high-end dining?

    Hollywood isn't near SC, but it is almost close to UCLA.

    Try also Musso and Frank's
    The Lobster (santa Monica)
    Providence (ha, ha, not for $30 a person!)
    Mozza (pizzaria or OSteria)

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    1. re: Diana

      It would be very difficult to do most of those for $30-40pp, near impossible in fact. Only Vert, Pizzeria Mozza and Musso and Frank's fit into this price range. As for Providence, why deliberately suggest a place way out of their price range and then laugh about it?

      I'd suggest BLD, Tasca or Hatfield's. Lucques could work too.

      1. re: hrhboo

        You CAN do it at Providence, if you order a la carte and perhaps spend less on wine. Most people don't do that, though-and it wouldn't be as fun.

        Lucques is a good suggestion.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        We took our son to Chaya Venice for his 22nd birthday (he's a vegetarian and my husband doesn't care for fish) and all three of us really enjoyed it and found it fairly reasonably priced.

        1. re: Bria Silbert

          Taylor's in Koreatown is fun in a not at all sceney way. Good, not great steaks, priced fairly. More affordable drinks than most restaurants. I always have a good time there with friends.

          1. re: Wolfgang

            I think Taylor's is a perfect suggestion. Good meat and potatoes for a drinking base for when they inevitably go out after to celebrate without parents. I can't imagine that a group of 21 year old guys would love the idea of going to the more scene-y places in LA with parents. Leave that for another night when they're on their own.

      2. Luna Park and Chaya are good recs.

        Pane e Vino is a nice option, especially the back patio on an LA evening.

        You say you want fun, and the places suggested thus far don't really scream 21st bday fun very loudly, though you've outted some of the "fun" places by the cuisine limitations. Please don't flame me, but somewhere like Dolce could be *fun* as it's a bit scene-y. There's also Citizen Smith and Republic in a similar vein that's 21st bday conducive. The boys might also like Ketchup as a concept... again, not spectucular food, but a fun idea. Or, do something like 25 degrees at the Roosevelt and let them have at in Hollywood.

        You could probably get away at Hungry Cat. Ciudad is downtown, as is Roy's.

        Dar Maghreb is fun for the eating with your hands factor and the belly dancing, and little more special IMO than Moun of Tunis, if you were interested in doing a more ethnic bent on the evening.

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        1. re: Emme

          but Moun of Tunis can give the OP more for the $$

          1. re: Diana

            that is definitely true. that said, i still think Dar Maghreb has a nicer, more celebratory ambience than Moun of Tunis. the OP can make the decision as to where the trade-off b/t price and atmosphere occurs :) just putting my two cents in.

        2. Chaya Venice is great, but it is pretty far from the areas you're requesting, and while they do have a number of other things on the menu, they primarily have sushi and Asian fusion cuisine.

          I'd go with Luna Park, Citizen Smith, Republic, or the Chateau Marmont. All very bustling and happening at night. Dolce seems a bit small and not as popular these days as it was when it first opened.

          You may also want to contact The Standard Downtown to see if they could set something up for you on the rooftop bar. It's a fantastic, trendy, fun space up there, but it is primarily a bar and the food is pretty casual (sandwiches), so they would need to arrange something especially for you. Great location though, I think it would be worth it for a 21st birthday. You could even get them a room in the uber-hip hotel so they can spend the night there.

          1. Are you interested in Mexican? La Serenata de Garibaldi downtown fits your budget & location requirements. I think some have referred to the food as "gourmet Mexican"-- they offer many seafood dishes and traditional dishes. The room is pleasant and the service is friendly.