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Feb 16, 2006 01:05 PM

chabaa: thai restaurant in the sunset

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The thai chef on irving @21st-ish is no more, but the space is still a Thai restaurant, called Chabaa. They opened like 2 weeks ago. Not much has changed, since thai chef was pretty new. Hopefully they can make a go at it. What I had there (some seafood pot, duck, chicken satay app and a mild soup) was all pretty good, and nicely priced. Enough to take some home despite us being 3. Service charming but a bit erratic (it was packed, which they were pleased with but did not really expect).

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  1. i agree that chabaa has some tasy food. we've been there 4-5 times and i've almost always had the roast duck noodle soup. when accented with some spicy vinegar, the soup is hard to beat. it's hard for me not to order it and to explore the rest of the menu because our visits are relatively infrequently. my wife often gets the crab fried rice, which when combined with some spicy fish sauce and vinegar is delectable. i am eager to hear more recommendations and to see more people there (as it's always sparse when we go)!