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Aug 29, 2007 09:44 PM

Best places to watch your food being cooked?

I'm always fascinated with being able to peer into kitchens and watch my food being prepared.

I've been to Chez Maman and Canteen, both which let you sit on bar stools overlooking an open kitchen.

I've also heard of Quince's chef's table, where the table is actually in the middle of the kitchen.

Where are other places you can have this kind of insight/experience?

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  1. Korean BBQ, but you are cooking it yourself.

    If you get a table near the kitchen, you can see them cook at Myth.

    1. Depending upon where you are sitting, A16 is an option.

      1. The two best examples of this are at opposite ends of the spectrum: both Boulevard and Original Joe's have counters facing an open kitchen. Both are so close it's almost impossible not to have a conversation with the cooks.

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          Second the Boulevard comments - one of my favorite places to watch the chefs and food in action.

        2. The counter at Brandy Ho's is great for this--especially the left side, where you can see the finished dishes before they are taken to the tables.

          1. Dottie's True Blue Cafe counter seating gives you a great view of the show - the cook/chef is very good at multi tasking.