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Aug 29, 2007 09:32 PM

Bar americain..good or no good?

I am thinking of going to Bobby Flay's Bar Americain for brunch..has anyone been?
And are ther any suggestions for a good Saturday brunch?

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  1. i liked my brunch at bar americain.. try the kentucky hot brown. :) as for other places, i like norma's (though it's a little pricey, and people on this board think it's overrated.. but they make great eggs benedict!) and five points. sarabeth's i think is overrated. oh, and i had a nice brunch over at telepan.

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      have been to Bar Americain for lunch, not brunch and it was awful, expensive and mediocre food. love brunches at all of doctori's suggestions and in the following order 1) telepan, 2) sarabeth and 3) norma's (too expensive and mostly sweet items)

    2. Think higher end TGIFridays or Appleby's or some other chain restaurant...

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      1. Regulars on this board know I am not a fan of Bar Americain. We had dinner there once, and that was once too often because the food was awful! And to add insult to injury, as G3B says, it's very expensive!

        In that general vicinity though further south, I highly recommend Marseille and West Bank Cafe. Both have delicious food and an excellent Saturday/Sunday brunch.

        1. Norma's food is great but the chairs are hard as rocks and make for fast turns of the tables! Place is usually very busy, so make a reservation. Service suffers during prime brunch hours.

          Try Blue Fin at the W Hotel - Times Sq. Surprisingly good food and not overly expensive for being in the middle of it all. We usually make a reservation and request a booth downstairs (street level).

          1. Thank you all so much! I will check out either Telepan, Sarabeth's, and Blue Fin....ahh yes ...may the brunch adventures begin!!!
            And I will also try the West Bank and Marseille..oui oui!!