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Aug 29, 2007 09:28 PM

Horchata?? Qu'est que le ?

I recently emailed a supplier of a product I really liked, and used in an unusual way (Chai flavoured cheesecake).. He emailed me back to say thanks for the blog link and plug, yada yada... and is sending me a free sample of Horchata.

I've heard you guys talk about it here, but never really paid much attention to it...

What is it??

What do I do with it?

What ELSE can I do with it??

I need an Horchata 101. STAT!!

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  1. If it is the horchata that I know, then it is rice milk sweetened with sugar and cinnamon. I love to drink it with ice. It is perfect with tacos or any mexican food. It is usually made fresh, but you can buy it at supermarkets which IMO is not as good.

    1. Horchata is a sweet drink. In Mexico, it's usually just blended and strained soaked rice, sugar, and cinnamon. Almonds in place of or along with the rice are a common variation. In Spain, horchata is made with tiger nuts (chufas) instead of rice. They are are available in the U.S., though not widely so.
      A powdered mix of of either won't taste as good as homemade, especially since you can't control the sugar. Whether you make or mix it, just drink it very cold.

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      1. re: maestra

        I think the sample will be coming as a powder!!!

        1. re: purple goddess

          I hope you're getting a Mexican sample and not Spanish. The Spanish version is completely horrid. If you like it even a little bit, track down a recipe and try making it fresh. Cooked rice blended and strained, cinnamon, sugar, and ice. The Mexican street vendors you come back to are the ones who top it with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. Mmmmm.

          1. re: Chuckles the Clone

            I like Spanish horchata--the only similarity to the Mexican drink is that it is white. Chufas kind of have a carroty taste. However, I have never had it as a mix--or seen it as a mix; I've only had it fresh from street stands.

          2. re: purple goddess

            Yeah ... hochata mix ... ick.

            Real Mexican horchata ... mmmm.

            Here's what seems like a good recipe. You could make your own and then compare it to the mix.

            As mentioned, there are lots of regional recipes. Here's Chow's Spanish version using chufa.

            Another Spanish version using almonds

            Here's a Spanish version using sesame seeds ... Horchata de Ajonjoli ... scroll down ... seems to be a Puerto Rican connection.

            A Guatamalan version using Oatmeal

            This article says some countries use corn or peanuts.

            This Chowhound inquiry references horchata made from seeds

            Someone who improvised using Jasmine rice ... looks good

            For the plain Mexican version it is about balance ... not too sweet, not too watery, not too much spice. It should be creamy, cold and refreshing. I've never seen it used for anything but a beverage.

            Should you try making your own, here's an Chowhound post about a failed attempt so you can avoid the pitfalls. There are a bunch of horchata recipes on the Home Cooking board.

            1. re: rworange

              The first recipe linked by rworange sounds good to me. It uses both vanilla and cinnamon while many others cited in this thread use only cinnamon. You really need both for a good Mexican horchata. Balance is important. At lunch I frequently drink horchata in Mexican restaurants in Chicago and have tasted a huge range. One place had a version so thick and loaded with good vanilla that it reminded me of a vanilla milk shake of years gone by.

        2. Think "drinkable rice pudding" and you'll be close.

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          1. re: ricepad

   mother and grandmother used to make small batches of it. It's so simple, it just takes time to let the rice milk soak in the flavor of the cinnamon. Powdered mix be damned!

          2. You could try doing this:
            Horchata/oatmeal shake. mmmmmmmmm

            1. Dos Centavos....

              > I like the Oaxacan version best (adds ground Pecans & floats a syrup made from the Prickly Pear fruit... which I believe you might still have in Oz?)

              > The Yucatecan version with ground almonds is also good.

              > Thumbs up on condensed milk or cajeta.