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Aug 29, 2007 08:35 PM

Where to dine deliciously near Babson College?

Hello! My very swankalicious husband is attending school there, and we'd like to meet some friends for dinner in that general vicinity. The friends are coming from Marlboro, so perhaps something in the Wellesley/Wayland/Sudbury vicinity would work.
Any recommendations...please? Cheap, spicy, and tasty is always welcome.

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  1. Can't help you out with Wellesley/Wayland/Sudbury but as you are on the Needham line at Babson, I would recommend in Needham: Sweet Basil for very good Italian, Rice Barn for good Thai and Masala Art for very good Indian; close by in Newton, I would recommend the Biltmore Cafe in Newton Upper Falls for cheap (somewhat but not really) and tasty but not spicy.

    1. In Wellesley, Vela on Washington Street is a good choice for Italian. Second the Biltmore in Newton.Netther is really cheap but also not outrageously expensive. If you like Indian food, I second Masala Art in Needham.

      1. Put your name on the list at Sweet Basil (they dont take reservations), drop off your wine (they are BYOB) and head over to Masala Art for some cocktails while you wait. Sweet Basil has amazing bolognese (ask for it spicy), braised lamb shank, vegetarian options and lots of garlic in everything.

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          if you really mean upscale, Blue GInger in Wellesley. Spring for the lobster.

        2. In Sudbury, there are outposts of Oishii and Fugakyu, both Japanese sushi places (if they are as good as their Boston counterparts, they'll be first rate). For Americanized Chinese, there's also the Lotus Blossom, which is well worth patronizing. The Longfellow Inn has wonderful ambiance but lousy food.

          1. It's a bit too $$, but China Sky right down the street in Wellesley is good. You're not far from C.K. Shanghai's on Rt. 16 either. Reasonable red sauce Italian eatery in Needham is Pacini's.