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Good Recipe for Sick Hubby

My DH has a terrible cold. I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better. Chicken soup didn't help. Any other suggestions?

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    1. Campbell's Pepper Pot, odd but true. With crackers of course. Jello (cherry w/mandarin oranges) as last resort, it works, I swear!

      1. An alternative to chicken noodle soup could be chicken congee.

        Boil chicken backs and necks and wings odd bits with some ginger, a few cloves and peppercorns and a couple shoots of cilantro for a stock. Be sure to skim the water before you add the seasonings cuz u need a clear stock. Strain the stock. Allow bones to cool and pick off the meat. Meanwhile, boil the stock and throw in some cooked rice and allow it to turn to mush. When it is done it should look like a thin porridge. Add in the chicken meat that u picked off of the bones. Season to taste with salt, a few drops of soy sauce (but not enough to discolor the yellowish white soup), a few drops of fish sauce, and then garnish hubby's bowl with chopped green onions and if you like some form of chili like chopped green chili, red chili flakes, or red chili sauce.

        This always makes me feel way better when I am sick. If the picking the meat off of the bones thing sounds to weird, you could use chicken thighs, and add the rice and seasonings together once you've skimmed the stock initially. I think that is the authentic way to make it, but I find taking the bones out easier.

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          I agree! I serve mine with steamed white rice and add spinach and a little lemon juice. The ginger is the key here. I always add a lot of it and because it is a little spicy I omit black pepper.

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            Congee, also known as Jook, is really really good when you are sick. Mild enough to be able to eat without upsetting a sensitive stomach, substantial enough to let you know you have some food in you.

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              And Lugaw is the filipino congee. My mom makes it with just lots of chicken thigh meat, rice, soy sauce, ginger and patis. We pour our own lemon or calamansi juice on the top and a little bit more soy sauce to taste.

          2. I always love hot, brothy liquids when I have a cold...in addition to chicken soup, I always have Ginger Tea on hand, which is more for stomach problems but I love it when I have a cold, too. Traditional Medicinals makes it but you could certainly make it from fresh ginger too...the TM kind is almost peppery, it's got a bite to it.

            1. I tend to go for the spicy Asian broth-type things when I'm sick. But then, almost everyone has a preferred sickness comfort food. Find out what his is and make that!

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                Hot & Sour soup from a local chinese take-out might be good.

              2. A bottle of Odwalla Wellness should do the trick.

                1. interesting thread on the general board should help:

                  i like a big mug with boiled water, juice of half a lemon, honey and a shot of rye whiskey myself.....followed by liptons chicken noodle and sleep.

                  1. If you've got Chinese take-out nearby, a bowl of hot and sour soup can cure whatever ails you. Feel better soon! Oh, and some Robitussin too! Not combined, mind you!


                    1. My mother always made me onion soup when I had a cold. She claimed there was something in the onions that cured the cold. It was typical French onion soup, but without the crouton and cheese.

                      Even when I was a child, she made me a hot toddy. It was like hot lemonade, but with bourbon added. It put me to sleep right away, and by next morning I felt a lot better. And I still like bourbon, lol.

                      1. to get rid of all the goo, something spicy.

                        for stick-to-your-ribs comfort food, chicken pot pie served pa dutch style - straight from the pot to the plate (no crust).

                        1. If I have enough energy when I'm sick, I usually roast a bunch of chiles, tomatoes, red and green peppers, quartered onions, and garlic cloves, then whiz it all in a blender, once cool. It makes for sinus-clearing salsa.
                          Alternate with doses of chicken soup, ginger tea, and hot toddies--and get someone else to do the cleanup while you're napping. ;-)


                          1. Good Jewish chicken soup is sometimes referred to as penicillin, but if that didn't clear his head, try picking up a quart of hot and sour soup from your local Chinese restaurant. It seems like time is of the essence, so buying it can be foregiven! I will try to dig up my old recipe and post it later.

                            1. Make sure he's drinking lots of tea in addition to these great recipes!

                              1. My husband is not a big fan of homemade gingertea, but he willingly drinks it now since it helped so much right from the get go. Scrub a good sized piece of fresh ginger, the fresher the better. No need to peel. Cut into chunks and cover with water. For a five inch piece, maybe five cups of water. Allow to simmer for an hour. You can add honey, preferably unfiltered, and even lemon. Drink the whole pot, and voila, life is yours for the living again. fayefood.com

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                                  yep...ginger and lemon are a very nice combination! When I'm sick, I alternate ginger tea with chicken soup, quite therapeutic...well, for me, anyway.

                                2. Well as much as I wish my homemade chicken stock full of protein and vitamins helped, it turned out that ample doses of nyquil and a few days of rest were the only final cure. thanks to everyone for your fantastic ideas. I picked up a few great ideas!