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Aug 29, 2007 08:25 PM

Birthday "Cake" for twins

My best friends' twins 5th birthday is coming up. I would like to suprise them with a "cake". Anybody have any great ideas for a cake for two or cupcakes? Thanks.

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  1. You didn't mention if the twins you are surprising are boys or girls or one of each. My twin girls turn five in October and every year since their first birthday, I have gotten them each their own cake-- one likes chocolate, one likes vanilla and when they turned 4, one wanted a cinderella cake and one wanted Shamu. I'll try to attach a photo of their first birthday cake that I got at Rosebud Cakes, here in Los Angeles. It had 2 fairies and a giant number 1 and it was adorable.

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      That little cake is utterly adorable! Magical!

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        They're boys....I was thinking something along the lines of a Winnie the Pooh theme but I'm up for all sugguestions.

        1. re: MIss G

          For boys that age, most are kind of getting out of Winnie the Pooh. For my son's 5th birthday he wanted Star Wars. Without even seeing the movie he thought it was wonderful and so I made cupcakes (actually muffins) with light sabers on them. Superheroes are really big at this age: Larryboy (VeggieTales) was a runner-up to Star Wars, and Spiderman and Superman are favorites. My son is really into characters, but if they aren't "dirt" cupcakes/ cakes with gummy worms are fun, especially if you arrange then with a truck on it.

          One other fun idea is to make brownies shaped like the Batman sign, with piped frosting on them

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            Yeah, my nephews (one five and a half, one almost seven) are huge into Superman and Spiderman. Those would be very cute on cakes (I think that they both each one on a cake).

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              Thanks! (I don't have kids of my own yet so its tough to judge what's age appriopriate) The "dirt'/Batman/Superman themed sound fun.

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                Check out some puzzle cake recipes. They are too difficult to explain on the CHOW, but I am sure you can find them in any large cake cookbook.

                The cakes present a very appealing look to kids. When you cut a slice the cake has a checkerboard appearance. If you've never seen it you must chek it out.

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            You know what's fun for kids, and easy, is to take a picture of them to a bake shop that has photo transfers (Safeway and Giants does it here but there are mail order places, too). They make it the size you want and you transfer the "candy" photo on the cake. Easy to use but pick it up the day you're going to transfer it or it dries quickly.

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              Yup- I agree with isaimd. You cannot go wrong with Superheroes. My 5yo nephew has almost every superman and spiderman toy, costume and game!~ And this year, he again wants a spiderman themed bd party.

          3. Are they fans of Thomas? There is some really cute ideas for trains and the little characters of that program on

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              I'm a twin (girl, identical). Whatever you do, be SURE to make 2 separate cakes. People have the mistaken idea that twins like to be together and like the exact same thing, ALL the time -- what twins really prefer, you'd be surprised. : )

              1. re: aurora50

                That's a great point. Maybe do 2 9" cakes and keep them split up. Hey, what about two different M&M shaped cakes! Instead of the M in the middle, use their initial.

                1. re: chowser

                  So the twins are into airplanes and spaceships....any thoughts?

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                    Off the top of my head, semi circle cake (I've baked cakes in stainless steel mixing bowls, but needs a lot of butter and flour) frosted like the earth. Plastic planes and spaceships sticking out of it w/ thin wire. Have one plane w/ the "Happy Birthday,xxxx" hanging out of the back on a sheet of paper and another with "Happy Birthday, yyyy" on another.

                    There are some fun cakes here, too:


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                      After the fairy cake for my twins birthday, their baby brother needed a really cool first birthday cake as well and he LOVES airplanes. I am not sure that this is somwthing you can make at home but perhaps 2 round cakes, one with airplanes, one with spaceships from a toy store. We bought really cute little airplanes to decorate the tables at our party that would have been cute on a cake.

              2. I totally agree with the 2 separate cake idea. I have twin nephews and also a twin adopted daughter. The need to have their own individuality. Maybe a runway connecting the two with a plane and a shuttle landing.

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                  Two seperate cake idea is great. Puzzle cake could work for this, because you could make part of it chocolate and the other half white cake. This will make a cool effect for the kids

                2. One more idea for a twin cake is to make two separate cakes with related themes. For instance, my boys would love a darth vader and R2DT cake, both easy to make. Or batman and joker. You can also just put toys on the top if you don't want to decorate.

                  Oh you said they were into space - a rocket and a planet cake - arrange them so the rocket is going to the moon.

                  Of course, this works best if they don't have to have the exact same thing and both cakes are equally desireable.