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Aug 29, 2007 07:56 PM

Insane Deal on a KitchenAid Mixer

At Amazon...

Price changes tomorrow. Grab it if you need it.

The classic 4.5 Quart stand mixer in white only: $99 with FREE Shipping.


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  1. Wow, this deal *is* insane, and it's for real. Thanks for the tip, Jennalynn! Now I'm in a quandary because I want this mixer but I have little countertop space to dedicate to it.

    1. Darnit, wish you hadn't posted that! Now I'm going to have to get one. :)

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      1. re: misswills

        Seems like an amazing deal...only 250 watts, but should be fine for what I do...I don't do serious baking, but I do make pizza dough. Is this going to be powerful enough for general cooking, mixing? What won't it be able to do?

        1. re: Jesdamala

          Yes, I have it. Most likly won't be great for heavy duty kneading, but I am really only into to cakes, cookies, etc. It works for me. For $99 I'm thinking of which dautgher in-law I should buy it for!! A deal!!

          1. re: Jesdamala

            jesdamala....i have that model in fact for over baking level has now progressed into breads, and larger quanitities of bread is perfect for the everyday things...cakes, frostings, cookies, even small batches of breads...i now want to save time and bake larger quanitities less frequently; thus i want to do triple batches of cookies( will only do a double batch); and 10+ cups of bread dough recipes, won't do that; and most importantly it won't take the grain grinder attachement and grind grains...min wattage is 350 to grind your own wheatberries, flax etc....
            happy baking

          2. re: misswills

            How frustrating - they won't ship it to the UK!

          3. Excellent heads-up on that one. just put my order in. THANKS!

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            1. re: DoctorQuality

              I may be missing it, but I didn't see where the price changes tomorrow...will go back and look again...having one of those moments!

              1. re: DoctorQuality

                Awesome! Thank you soooo much I got two. My sister and I both were married in the last couple of years and we never got excited!

              2. Well, the post was made last night, and it's still $99 today. I dunno if it changes tomorrow, but for now it's good!

                Don't wait though because most likely scenario is that it will go unavailable before they change the price. Then again, the Artisan (next model up) are selling for $199, plus a $30 mail-in rebate, so if you need the extra power (or just have to have that bright color ;-) that's not a bad deal either.

                1. That is an amazing price. I googled the model and the price range is from $200-300. I have an older model that is 250 watts and is the crank up style as opposed to the tilt one that's on sale. 250 watts has served us well for average baking of cakes etc. For breads, stiffer doughs and meat grinding with the attachment I find my current mixer is struggling. I want to move up to the 600 series but for anyone looking for a basic KA mixer this is a great deal. And free shipping to boot.

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                  1. re: scubadoo97

                    Not really, I got mine from Target a few years ago for $169. I'ts their cheapest mixer, but is great for me, and at $99 it's even greater!!! It's the Classic.