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Aug 29, 2007 07:35 PM

Himalayan Bistro Bad Fire

The Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury burnt down tonight....along with 5 more stores on the block. Fire fighters badly injured, say prayers.

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  1. is saying it was Tai Ho. Very, very sadly, it's reporting a firefighter died.

    Tai Ho and Himalayan Bistro were two of the better Asian restaurants in the area.

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      two firefighters have died from the fire, unfortunately, and twelve others were injured. very tragic for all involved. i really enjoyed my last meal at himalayan bistro, this is very tragic all around.

    2. Yes, I also heard it was Tai Ho. Himalayan Bistro is in that same block of stores/restaurants, so it may have been damaged, too. What a terrible tragedy this was. The restaurants can rebuild, but nothing will bring the firefighters back. Prayers certainly go out to the families of the fallen firefighters, as well as the Boston Fire Department.

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        Just heard that the two firefighters who were in critical condition have had their conditions upgraded, thank God. Nice to have a little bit of good news on such a sad day for the city of Boston.

        So has it been confirmed that the Himalayan Bistro was destroyed, or was it just damaged? The reports I heard about that restaurant (from the Globe) were scary--I guess diners were eating when the smoke started pouring in, so they all ran out of the place while workers ran into the back room to turn off the gas.

      2. The Himalanyan Bistro was not damaged by the fire. In fact, they were open tonight (the day after the fire) and had customers in the restaurant enjoying dinner. There weren't many customers. I'm sure many people assume they were closed. The cleanup crew was still working on the properties a few doors down. The staff looked liked they would love for dinners to come back.

        1. I saw lights on tonight, It is unbelievable, when watching that fire last night I belived the whole block was gone.