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Aug 29, 2007 07:26 PM

The Ladies take Manhattan...again- need suggestions!

My aunt and her two best friends have been coming out for a food-filled long weekend every other year for years- my aunt also comes many times on her own and alas I am beginning to run out of dining options. Some of the highlights over the years have been Babbo, Eleven Madison Park, Danube, Alto, Asiate, Cafe Gray, Jean Georges, Gotham, Gramercy, Bouley, Blue Ribbon, Cookshop, Blue Smoke, Cesca, Ouest- it's been a great run!. They will be here Thursday through Sunday brunch. We will be going up to Blue Hill at Stone Barns on Saturday night. I would like to keep both Thursday and Friday a little more "casual" as my boyfriend and potentially a couple of others will be joining us. I would welcome suggestions for both Thursday and Friday nights as well as brunch on Sunday- I love to try new places so am looking for endorsements! Thanks!

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  1. Gosh--you guys are so fortunate to have all those lovely restuarants under your belt.. how about dining at home for a lovely gourmet meal? Sometimes you just can't beat a good home cooked meal, no matter how simple with a group of friends. Heck, you can drink better wine and lots more of it for the same price!

    But if you are going out, of the places you list-- any particular favorites or dislikes, it could help us give suggestions.

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      Hi acenyc,

      I agree simsum that it will be easier if you tell as your preference of cuisine. From your past list it appears that you are more into fine dining and french/new american/italian. Are you open to other cuisines like ethnics or fusion or Japanese? That will hlep us to suggest some restaurants appropriately.

    2. Per Se seems like a fitting addition to your list of excellent restaurants.


        1. You're short in the hatch.
          David Burke & Donatella is not to be missed by your clan!

          1. Have you tried Balthazar for dinner? Another suggestion would be Mesa Grill for brunch...