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Aug 29, 2007 07:22 PM

Cafe Melies

Thinking of taking some people there for dinner but haven't been in a while. I read the menu, looks interesting, and I know they changed their chef a while back. Thoughts? Recommendations? Is it worth it?

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    1. I ate there once about two years ago and it was good. I would not say that it is worth the high prices though. You pay for the decor and the fact that you are eating in a trendy place. If you want to pay for that, you are at the right place. I am not saying that the food isn't good but there is better for the price. The ambiance is cool though. It depends on the people you are taking to dinner. If you are taking your 70 year old parents, I would take them somewhere else but if you are going with trendy people...this is the right place!

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        And what about service? I know there are a lot of trendy places where bad service is considered to be a given (Garde Manger would fit into this category...) and is Cafe Melies in the same category?

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          I was in a particular situation because we rented the upstairs for our 20th high school graduation and the manager was a friend of one of our group. We went downstairs to eat around 10 o'clock and we were over 40 people that had dinner and we were talking so much that I did notice very much. However, there were 2 of our gang who were ordering bottle of wine after bottle of wine and they were constantly changing our glasses. I would have kept the same glass and not give a fuss but they were professional even if we were all a bit tipsy:)

          They were very accomodating because we were a huge group and we all wanted to be seated together and they were constantly rearranging the tables and bringing chairs and they were not impatient with us. They could have been because when you are a huge gang and we were asking for things, but they were very gracious with us.

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          I last ate here last summer and think that cricri has summarized it well. I actually found some of the dishes were quite good, but had the same reservations about value at the end of the night. The service is good for this part of St-Laurent (i.e. not terrible).