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Aug 29, 2007 07:13 PM

Great appetizers in Oakland?

Can anyone recommend a place near the Oakland Marriott City Center that would be interesting, fun and have fabulous appetizers? I am not familiar with Oakland and my task is to find a location for an alumni event near the hotel. Of course the budget is less than one would like. So that is a major consideration as well as being walking distance from the hotel. I would imagine that there will be between forty and fifty people attending. As the budget is so restrictive, the alumni will be purchasing their own beer, wine or cocktails. Thanks!

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  1. 13 blocks away is Luka's Tap Room. Great bar w/ good food. I'd just do LOTS of the Belgian style fries, cheese and charcuterie plates, and corn fritters. Fun place. You could probably book either the back room w/ the pool table or the lounge/DJ room for your event. Menu:

    Tamarindo is much closer to the hotel. I have not eaten there, but it gets generally positive notices. No idea how they'd accommodate a large group.

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      I had a very good meal at Tamarindo, but they definitely cannot accommodate a group of 40-50.

    2. Walking distance and a bar and interesting, fun and fab around there isn't really a reality.

      Levende East could probably handle 50 people but I'd check it out. I've walked by and it's really loud and dark and hip until it hurts...but it's close by and has a bar.

      Right across the street from the Marriott is Twist restaurant in the Washington Hotel but I've never seen anyone in there and never heard anything good about it. There's a bar and the setting some how seems right for that sort of event. My guess is that they'd do appetizers...I just won't expect anything. The location however can't be beat.

      There's also Pacific Coast Brewery. It'll fit 50 people and it's reasonable...but the food is only okay at best (average pub food). Some people say the same about the beer. There's a sort of beer garden in the back that might be fun.

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        Twist isn't very good - pretty much TGIF-level fried appetizers - but if you're on a really tight budget, it may be worth looking into. And since there's never anyone there, it would be easy to reserve for a party.

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          One more possibility right in that area is B. It is a very nice space and food and cocktails are good. The web site is not helpful, but you could call them and see what they can offer within your budget.