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Aug 29, 2007 06:20 PM

Mom's BBQ in Van Nuys

Just had a great meal at Mom's BBQ, I was craving Fried Chicken Livers which aren't on the menu yet if you ask ahead of time then they'll make them for you, so so good.

Anybody else enjoy some good meals at this spot?


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  1. Yeah. Tehy're BBQ beef ribs are okay (a little hit and miss). The fried chicken is god.

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    1. re: klaatu

      I had the Pork Ribs and the Links at Moms. I thought it was OK. The Ribs we're a bit tough and not tender how I like them to be. The sauce is good though and I liked the Links. I guess you cant really screw up Links though right?

      1. re: waxfondler

        I had the beef ribs when I visited over a year ago, and I had a similar impression, meat on the ribs being a bit chewy and not that tender, but had good flavor and taste, as the BBQ sauce is pretty good. Very reasonable prices, and I'd probably visit again if I was in the area, but wouldn't make a trip just to visit them.

        Haven't had their fried chicken yet, but if it's that good, I'll order that on my next visit.

        1. re: Wonginator

          Hehe I meant to type "good" not "god". Lol.

      2. re: klaatu

        Is that a typo or is it really that good?

      3. i had a pulled pork sandwich from there about a year ago. Haven't been back since. Nothing remarkable, but it scratched the itch and is certainly a more reasonably priced BBQ joint than other local alternatives. And now Klaatu's post has me curious about their fried chicken... I may have to re-think Mom's.

        1. I actually like the fried chicken livers at Roscoe's, should you ever be in the mood again. The meal comes with eggs, grits and a biscuit, and smothered if you'd like. Just thought I'd throw that out. I prefer them to the chicken at Roscoe's, which I've never been sold on.


          1. And the street address reportedly is:

            Mom's Bar Be Cue House
            14062 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA 91405

            1. I remember going about a year ago and loving the fried chicken. Went back today for ribs (beef and pork) and kinda dissapointing. The place smells all smoky when u walk in but the ribs did not have any smoke flavor at all. It came drowning in sauce and it seems they were boiled in the sauce as well. I probably wont go back for que, fried chicken yes tho.

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              1. re: macnut

                I had the same experience earlier this year, though neither of us tried the fried chicken. All of the BBQ items were disappointing, but I will give some credit to the 50's style cakes she serves (i.e. straight outta the box). A bit of nostalgia for me.