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Aug 29, 2007 06:16 PM

New Mexico roadtrip advice needed!

Sorry, I know I should have posted much earlier, but I'm hoping some helpful hounds in the NM area can get me some advice quick! I leave tomorrow and won't have internet access after 3PM EST.

The main stops are Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos Pueblo (although I will stop in Taos to eat), but I will be on the road a great deal. I have a guidebook and have read a few threads, but I'd love more ideas. Preferably meals under $15 including tax & tip although I might treat myself once. Geronimo is not part of the plan. Would like to go to Frontier. Is Route 66 Malt shop open again?

OK, the questions:

1) Where is the BEST green chile cheeseburger? If it's in Santa Fe, is it Bobcat Bite or Dave's not Here?
2) And the best breakfast burrito in this area?
3) Is there any place to eat in Los Alamos LATE? (if I am in Bandelier at sunset there's a good chance I won't get back to my hotel until 9). I will also take other suggestions for Los Alamos because the guidebook only lists 4 and the only appealing one is Blue Window Bistro.
3) Actually, according to my guidebook, lots of Santa Fe places also close at 9pm. Any thoughts for later eating?
4) Will be visiting Madrid around breakfast time. Any suggestions? (directions please or maybe someone can just confirm that Madrid is small enough to not require maps?)
5) Will be driving up the Jemez trail. Any place good to stop along the way? The plan right now is to leave Albuquerque early morning, take my time taking photos, and eventually get to Bandelier around 4 or 5pm. So there's time for breakfast and lunch along the trail.

OK...I think that's it for now. Would really appreciate your ideas! There's a small chance I will check internet on Sunday afternoon so feel free to keep suggesting... :)

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  1. Best breakfast burrito at Garcia's Kitchen on 4th and Mountain in ABQ. Frontier has good ones too as does Casa de Benevidas on 4th in Los Rancho.

    In Madrid, the Mine Shaft Tavern is the best place to eat, but not sure they are open for breakfast. In fact, I am not sure there is anyplace in Madrid for breakfast. No map needed, it is all on one road.

    Michael's in Taos is great for any meal.

    Hope this helps..

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      Best green chile cheeseburger I've HAD is not on your route: it's at the Buckhorn Bar in San Antonio, NM. ;-) And I've eaten at ALL the places that claim the best in this state.

      1. re: Erich

        Haha...I had seen another website that said the best in the state was a different place significantly further south than I was going to be. Well, I like burgers, I like cheese, I'm sure I will like the green chile...I'm sure I won't have a BAD one anywhere.

        Thanks for the Mine Shaft Tavern rec. It's possible it will be closer to early lunch time when I get there so maybe I'll get a chance to stop. Otherwise...I guess it's Powerbars until Albuquerque...