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Aug 29, 2007 06:00 PM

Kitchen remodel - appliance recommendations??

Any feedback on Viking and Bosch major appliances??? It's so hard to find reviews online!! Any recommendations/tips are GREATLY appreciated.


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  1. Sorry, no info on either of these, but thought I would point out to you that Sub Zero refrigerator-freezers have some sort of dual refrigeration system, so that if one side konks out (yes, it happens, even at $6,000-$7,000 for some of the units), the other keeps working. Lifesaver for my handicapped mother in a private house who has trouble navigating the stairs to the spare fridge in the garage.

    1. installed the bosch dishwasher a few months ago. very quiet, very strange. full cycle insists on two hours or so. upper/lower trays are not stemware/tall bear glass friendly.

      i'm not going to knock 'em. just want to point this stuff out.

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        I also have a Bosch dishwasher that I am not real excited about. It is quiet but takes forever to run through the cycle. Also there is a filter at the bottom that you need to clean out periodically because it does not have a built in food disposal. Fortunately, that particular dishwasher is at my vacation home so I don't use it all that often. At my primary residence, we remodeled and put in all GE monogram appliances and love them!

      2. we have a bosch double oven as well as the dishwasher. like them both. rest of the appliances picked a sub zero fridge and a dcs range top gas with 4 burners and a grill in the center. preferred the dcs when compared to the viking. before this i used to dream of viking. but dcs seemed more solid and quite happy with it.

        1. jfood owns the GE Monogram double oven that is made by Bosch. Takes forever to heat up (400 degrees is a 30-minute pre-heat). Likewise the exhaust fans for the ovens are at the top of the double ovens. Mrs jfood is 5" and the hot air blows in her face whenever she walks by it. She hates it. As soon as they can they will replace.

          Viking 36" cooktop with downdraft. Jfood loves this puppy. You have a big BTU for searing and a little btu for simmering and yes it does simmer. Highly recommend this unit.

          As an aside, if you want another DW to look at instead of Bosch Jfood has a Miele fully integrated and loves it as well.

          1. Sub-Zero and Frigidaire: Names to remember--and avoid.

            We have a Frigidaire 5 burner gas stove, and the heat levels are inconstant from burner to burner, among the same types of burners. A "3" on one simmer burner is equivalent to a "2" or "5" on the other. On the power burners, flame height on a "3" is higher than that of a "5" and so on.

            We bought the Frigidaire stainless steel mating fridge and freezer pair (Sorry, can't find model #s) that look like one massive unit but are the two, with each door hinged on the outide. The first fridge unit we got had been put together by some guy hungover from a bar crawl the night before, or by someone who'd never held a drill before. The second shelf was held in place not by four screws in the back wall, not by three, not by two, but by one and-a-half! Yes, two screws had been completely stripped and were merely doing decorative duty while the third screw was in only by half and the fourth screw was the only one securely fastened. Took me *many* phone calls to Lowe's, Frigidaire, and a local appliance repair company before they could send out a tech who confirmed my diagnosis and authorized a new unit.

            On the Sub-Zero (part of the same company as Viking? I think so...), friends of mine who own them have *all* had the units break down multiple times, often in the compressor. Consumer Reports listed them 2 yrs ago as the least reliable fridge and I don't think they've gotten any better.

            If you really want a Viking stove, I would ask some chefs who use Viking ranges what their experience of them is like in terms of reliability and durability. When the Sturdy Wench and I priced Viking ranges, they were around $7000. If you want serious BTUs, here's a tip I learned from Robert Farrar Capon; author, chef, priest: Get a decent consumer gas stove for less than $1000 and a candy stove (I Googled just now and found a refurb for $700), which ought to give you all the heat you'll ever need at a fraction of the price of a Viking.

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              It may be that the Sub Zero refrigerators of today are not the same as they used to be, but in 37 years, my mother has had two of them with very few repairs. Given that Mom is extaordinarily hard on her appliances, and there were 4 kids being raised in the household when the first Sub Zero (the two-door, 48" model) was installed, it is a miracle that the first one lasted for any significant period of time at all. Admittedly, about a year ago, the second one, after at least 15 years, had a compressor issue in the freezer half of the machine. The refrigerator half kept working. The repair on the freezer half would have been costly, but fortunately, Mom has a home warranty and it cost her all of $55.00.