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Aug 29, 2007 05:49 PM

Client Dinner

I'll be in LA area next week. I need to take a client for dinner. I'll be in Encino. They're in Pasadena. Last time we met I hauled to Pasedena and the time of day I went it took 90 minutes! This trip, I am suggesting we meet halfway. Would that be Glendale? Or somewhere else? I need a resto recommendation for high end, great wine list, excellent service. Price not an object. Colleague recommended Far Niente but it does not sound upscale enough. Thoughts? Ideas? Recommedations? Thanks in advance.

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  1. From what you describe, you'd probably be better off with something near the studios in the Toluca Lake/Burbank area. I'm not super-familiar with the no-holds-barred dining options there, but they exist.

    I do know there's a Morton's there, if a steakhouse is any help.

    1. My first choice would be Ca' del Sole in Toluca Lake/Universal area on Lankershim.

      You could also meet in Studio City...
      Bistro Garden
      Vineyard Terrace

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        Second Ca' del Sol. Very solid food. Extensive wine list. Lovely outdoor patio. Good service.

      2. Arnie Morton's in Burbank
        Max in Sherman Oaks (but not sure it is upscale enough)
        Other option might be some of the Valley sushi spots, but not sure they are fancy enough. Not halfway, but maybe Sushi Iki in Tarzana (good service, nice decor, with very upscale menu)

        1. FAR NIENTE is a lovely place, though it is not a "hipster" place-more on the old school side. The fillet is still perfect, the wine list is good, the service has been a little sketchy the last 2 times, yet had always been incredible over the last 20 years.
          I've always had a soft spot for this place...the fillet and the asparagus soup are my two absolute favorite other than the ossso buco.
          In Studio City, I would suggestLA LOGGIA on Ventura. Beautiful room, perfect service without stuffiness, a great little bar next door called "Next Door" that is connected to the restaurant. Both places have great wine lists with a very reasonable mark up. Both room are beautiful, classy, can be called elegant and NEXT DOOR could be call sleek, upscale, relaxed, loungey.

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            Some good suggestions. Asian of any kind if out. Thanks everyone.