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Aug 29, 2007 05:44 PM

staying at Red Rock Casino - good foood around the area

Hi...we're staying at Red Rock Casino this weekend and need recommendations of where to eat around the area. Possibly what to do. It's a girl's weekend and we usually stay at the strip and so this time we want to try something different. We're going to the strip on sat. night. Any suggestions on Sunday , Monday - brunch, lunch, dinner places around the neighborhood? We will have a car. THANKS!!!!

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  1. Try Vintner Grill on Charleston & Hualapai. The menu is very well represented and the food is pretty tasty. If they have the lamb spareribs don't hesitate - they are killer!

    Vintner Grill
    10100 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135

    1. Do you already have plans to go to Rosemary's?

      Also in the Boca Park area there is Hannah's (same family as Crustacean) for pan asian, Kona Grill is also very popular

      Rosemary's Restaurant
      8125 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117

      Hannah's Restaurant
      1050 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145

      Kona Grill
      750 S. Rampart Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89145

      1. Rosemary's is the best option outside the casino, and let me reassure you, that is not saying much. And it's not to say that Rosemary's is mediocre (I like Rosemary's very much, although not to the extent that it is adored by most) but rather the collection of restaurants inside the Red Rocks could be the worst collection of restaurants housed inside a $1+ billion structure! That being said, I did have one of the best fish (fried grouper) sandwiches I have ever eaten @ Tides oyster bar but other than that singular dish, everything was so overpriced and poorly executed.

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          Agave has really fantastic food. They also have a huge selecton of tequilas to choose from. I suggest the birria de chivo, the fish tacos, the chicken tinga is great. The taco sampler is the best way to experience all they can do.

          Agave Restaurant -
          10820 Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas - (702) 214-3500

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            Thanks for a great tip! We're staying out that way and will need a meal besides our fave Rosemary's.

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            Do not eat at Tides Oyster bar, it is gross, especially the "bakes". We know the manager and got our meal comped, but I still would not go back. My husband ate at the new sushi place and said it was good. Another okay bet is the BBQ place, but every time I eat there, I have indigestion that last for 2 days.

            1. re: septocaine_queen

              I actually like Salt Lick quite a bit. The brisket is very good as well as the pulled pork and the sausage.

              I agree about Tides though. That place ... eww. I've only been there once to eat but never had a bite because I waited for nearly 10 minutes for someone to acknowledge me at the bar. Nobody ever did so I walked out. I've since heard stories about patrons seeing their food sit in the window for long periods of time before it was brought to them as well as issues with bad oysters.

              Not for me.

              1. re: azbirdiemaker

                tastes good going in, but sucks when it makes small repeated visits going back up :)

                1. re: azbirdiemaker

                  so and i ate at the Tides for lunch last week - we had a $25 discount for basically ny of the places at red rock - been to salt lick enough ( it's ok ...i had high expectations ) not in the buffet mood - the tides had a cool look to it and i was up for some seafood gumbo - the menu reminded me of the places you see at most of the Coast casinos and some of the other station casinos - the oysters, the bakes, the gumbos etouffe (sp) et etc. i had the house gumbo - SO had the seafood club ( shrimp/ crab cake ) - i thought the gumbo was decent..very rich ( could've been spicier ) soup base, but the service was slow - twice i had to get up from my table and walk over to the counter to ask for a refill and later to get a repalcement spoon...ther were more employees then customers in the place. the sandwich...ok...did not really care for the combo and the bread was a little we left, did notice the japanese/sushi place next door - again, looked cool,b ut did not appear to be open for lunch

            2. Just one last observation about Red Rocks. Please take my comments with a grain of salt for at times I can be a little opinionated. One of my best friends happens to live around the corner from RR. He is a Chicago native and has lived in LV for 5 years now. I never seems to get enough of Vegas (while my wife thinks I go way too much...go figure) and was quite excited when my friend asked me to come down for a comped trip there. After spending 2 nights there I really find no need to ever go back. That is based on 2 things...Food and accommodations. Since we are on a food site I will sum up my accommodation comment by saying that unless you are forced to stay there (i.e. a conference or party) why on earth would you travel all the way to Las Vegas to stay off strip at a casino that offers nothing different and IMHO, at a lower standard (and in some instances MUCH lower) than strip casinos in the same cost category?

              As far as the restaurants go, I will stand by my previous post that they all lack any real imagination and are expensive. Given the clientele they are targeting, their quality needs to improve dramatically. When after 2 days of staying there all I can recommend is a fish sandwich, that should send a pretty strong message.

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              1. re: LVI

                To be completely honest with you - I certainly did take your comments with a grain of salt.

                While I don't think the restaurants are going to win any James Beard awards anytime soon, I don't think they are atrocious as you're making them out to be. I used to live 2 blocks from the place and found myself up there quite a bit.

                While T-Bones isn't the best steakhouse around I certainly had a couple good meals there and while there are better Italian places in the city I found Terra Rossa to be a nice dinner without having to drive very far. I've already commented on the fact that Salt Lick was pretty tasty ( for me ) but I've never been to the Mexican joint ( Cabo somethingorother ), Tides, or the new restaurant Hachi.

                With all that being said, I totally agree that there are better places to go OUTSIDE of the resort ( Rosemary's, Grape Street, Vintner Grill, etc. ). But to be fair the restaurants inside really aren't as bad as you're making them out to be. ( at least, IMO )

                1. re: azbirdiemaker

                  Actually, if you read my comments, I really didn't say they were "atrocious". In fact all I said was that they need to improve dramatically. And I will stand by that statement. If you look at the clientele thay are targeting and the casinos that they would be in direct competition with (the above $1 billion set) I would say they are in dead last as far as dining options are concerned.

                  1. re: LVI

                    Yeah, I get where you're coming from on the 1+ billion dollar thing. But when you say that they are the worst collection of restaurants ... yadda, yadda, yadda, you are esentially calling them atrocious. One last comment on this:

                    The casinos they are competing with are the Suncoast and the Rampart Casino. They certainly aren't competing with the Strip casinos for clientele. Red Rock Resort is there for the locals living in Red Rock, Queensridge, and the DIRECT vicinity. Cost of casino is irrelevant - they just happened to spend a lot for a local's casino and to be frank, they sort of had no choice if they wanted to be successful. That's what the locals in that area of town expect. It would be nice to have a Las Vegas annex of Alinea, Moto, or WD-40 but no investor in their right mind would put them in that location. I'm pretty sure they've got both the Suncoast and the Rampart beat with their dining rooms.

              2. Try Nora's on Rampart, down the street from RR. It's in a corner location next to a Williams Sonoma. Very good Italian, just had a bridal shower luncheon with about 16 woman and the service with wine was excellent. The proscutto is flown in from Italy whole, that with the fig butter was really good. The rest of the menu is just that, really good, not amazingly great. Crepe style lasagna very rich, baked penne and the like. Attempts to be authentic Italian. This is a good white table cloth place for a gaggle of girls where you can laugh out loud and have fun. Seems to me that Red Rocks was right around the corner up the street. Open for lunch and dinner service.

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                  Yeah, Red Rock Resort is 4 lights west of Nora's. Not an extensive menu but really tasty and well done tapas. The wine selection by the glass is outstanding ( they have a really expensive nitrogen system to keep all the wines fresh ).