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Aug 29, 2007 05:37 PM

MSP Grilling supplies

Unfortunately my trusty Weber kettle was stolen recently... what is this world coming to!?!?! Where is the best place in the twin cities to replace the grill and shop for other grilling supplies? Thanks!

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  1. For the grill itself, you can't beat the prices at the big box places like Home Depot, especially at the end of summer! Supplies - depends on what you are looking for - most local hardware stores sell what you need, most of the everyday stuff can also be bought at your grocery too.

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      Agree on the source of the grill itself - big box is cheap, although Ace often is comparable in price.

      As for the supplies, most of the smaller local h/w stores are either sold out of, or have already dumped their summer seasonal stuff in favor of fall. I've been looking for metal skewers for weeks. I may have to take the desparate measure of going back into a big box, or even a specialty kitchen store. Gadzooks!

    2. Sorry to hear about your stolen grill. Sounds crazy, but I've had really good service at the Sears near the Capitol in St. Paul. Reasonable selection as well.


      1. Hope the thief is plagued by burnt steaks for the rest of his/her life! :(

        I got a Weber kettle grill + cover via craigslist last year. You might look there. It was a hella cheaper than any sale at big box stores.

        1. the good news is that all the grills & grill paraphenalia will be on sale after labor day. shop around the big boxes as others have mentioned, but don't forget about (insert banjo solo) menards. usually have the quality of home depot beat by 5-10 years, and the price of home depot beat by $200, sometimes more.