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Aug 29, 2007 05:26 PM

Vegetarian board

It seems like there is a sizable population of chow hounds who are vegetarian or vegan, yet there isn't a board specifically aimed towards those of us who aren't omnivores. I'm wondering if that might be a future possibility, as there are boards for virtually everything else!

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  1. Great suggestion!! I am with you!! It would be great to have a vegetarian board. I am always lost when it comes to good restaurants with good tasty vegetarian food!

    1. Vegetarian? What state is that in? The chowhound boards are divided geographically, not by cuisine, and for good reason. You can get good local vegetarian recommendations by using them, just like you can get good recommendations for anything else. On my local board, there are at least a few active vegetarian chowhounds. One of them recently posted an excellent series of reviews on vegetarian dining at local Ethiopian restaurants, which was of great benefit to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

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        Kosher has its own board, and as far as I know, that isn't a state capital or region of the world. While I agree with your statement, I also think having a vegetarian/vegan board would be really valuable. There are topics meat-eaters in any region might have no desire to discuss, such as the difficulties in finding a chef who will prepare a veggie entree that isn't pasta or 'mixed vegetable plate'. I don't think people who post on a vegetarian board will stop posting on their region's board, I think it just gives us another outlet to share tips!

      2. This was discussed very briefly on a couple of other threads lately:

        I don't actually like the idea, for some of the reasons stated in those threads. I think it will be way too confusing (and inconsistent) in terms of where things get placed.