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Aug 29, 2007 05:20 PM

Izakaya Honda Ya

There's a new Izakaya restaurant in little tokyo called Hondaya. Seems like they're pretty famous in Orange County. I made a visit the other day, the food was good, variety of sake, and the good thing was I didn't have to look for parking and it was free!!!! They close at 1:00 in the morning. I'll guarantee you a good time. Have any of you heard of the place??

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    1. re: kitchenhag

      I'm assuming LA if he referenced Little Tokyo. This would be best posted on the LA board.

    2. Yes, Honda Ya is an OC perennial favorite. I was in Little Tokyo last Sunday, looking for the new one you talk about. Couldn't find it. Where is it exactly? We ended up going to Daikokuya (which I thought paled in comparison to Santoka).

      Here is my post of Honda Ya in Tustin. The original!

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      1. re: elmomonster

        It's located at
        333 S Alameda St, 3rd floor
        Los Angeles, CA 90013
        (213) 635-1184

        Same place as Mitsuwa, same floor as Sushi Go 55.


        We certainly have heard of it! :) I'm a big fan of the one in Tustin, and can't wait to try out the one in the old Yaohan plaza.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have never thought much of this place myself. I don't like the way they cook their meat/fish and their menu does not reflect the season IMO.

            I think Musha in Torrance is a better option personally (I think Musha is just okay, but their menu is better and reflects whats in season). On the downside, Musha is very crowded and your often sitting elbow to elbow with the next person.

            Musha is next to Japantown on Carson and Western? (I believe)