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Aug 29, 2007 05:17 PM

Corn Roast Time! [Moved from Ontario board]

Labour Day weekend has always included a corn roast gathering from when I was a child.
Tried many techniques and since I am attending a country corn roast this weekend I should like to appeal for your favorite Corn on the Cob styles...
Thought I would do up some Hobo Corn for a change,the original I had around a fire in the USA,involved an emptied potato chip tin(large size with lid)with the corn packed in the bottom husk on ,standing upright,then layered with smoked sausages and filled with water to just cover.Sealed with the lid,a small hole was peirced in the middle of the lid and when the steam whistled through it was a corn delight!
My variation will be to husk the cobs and center them on heavy foil sheets.Add some smoked sausage ,salt, pepper,butter and a couple ice cubes and wrap tightly.Grill for 30 minutes,turning once and voila!(fancy it up with some chopped potato,onion slices,baby carrots and tomato in the packets)

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  1. The original comment has been removed