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Aug 29, 2007 04:59 PM

anything new in SD this summer???

I just returned from two months overseas. Were there any *worthwhile* additions to the San Diego restaurant scene in July or August?


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  1. There's a peruvian restaurant in PB, called Latin Chef, that opened sometime around June. It's supposed to be good.

    I was gone for two months also, and from my experience, the answer is no, there are no new additions. Some things have closed, though.

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      Also Burger Lounge in La Jolla (they'll be opening a second location in Kensington at the previous Just Fabulous site), and Bleu Boheme in Kensington. Bleu Boheme is owned by Phillipe Beltran, formerly of The Vagabond, and is in the location that was once The Green Tomato.