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Aug 29, 2007 04:57 PM

Inner Harbor Sept. 16th

Will be there overnight to attend Jets/Ravens game on Sunday. We've never been there before; would like to sight see and eat--probably two lunches and one dinner. Nothing fancy. We will have a car. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for?

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      Local specialties, seafood, steak... We like almost anything except sushi. Thanks!

    2. Lunch
      Try Cross Street Market(mucho options) south of the harbor(Sat only)
      Or Lexington Market(mucho options) n orth of the harbor(sat only)
      Or Attmanns Deli on Lombard Street(Corned Beef) Sun Only
      Or Mrs Shirleys on Cold Spring Lane further north of the harbor
      Or Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton east of the harbor

      Sunday Brunch Hull Street Blues(resv. needed) in South Baltimore
      Mama's on the Half shell(as above)
      Wine Market in South B'more
      Pierpoints in Fells Point(Aliceanna Street) east of the harbor
      Bertha's in Fells Point(on Broadway)

      a start

      1. In Fells Point (just east of the Harbor) there are many options and it is a great place to walk around and sight see on the water. I'd recommend Red Star ( and The Waterfront ( for lunch spots. They are bar/restaurants but with regular pub fare + more inventive dishes at decent prices.

        For dinner, I'd stay away from the Inner Harbor area itself for any kind of dining - it's mostly chains. Most people here do not recommend Little Italy but it is a neat place to walk around and if you're looking for decent food that is not pricey, I like Amicci's ( If you are into giant italian desserts, Vaccaro's is right around the corner from there ( I have recently been to Henninger's Tavern (Fells Point but not on the water) and it is excellent and not too pricey: If you're looking for an interesting menu in a casual atmosphere for dinner I'd recommend Jack's Bistro in Canton (east of the Harbor):

        Federal Hill is another neighborhood right next to the Harbor and there is a lengthy thread about options there: (called "DC Hound just moved to Baltimore (Fed Hill) Questions)). There is also a thread called Baltimore's Best Bar Food if that interests you :

        Hope that helps!

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          I appreciate all the suggestions. Wish we were staying longer after seeing these lists!!