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Aug 29, 2007 03:22 PM

how important is a computer in your kitchen?

...inspired by, "what is the most useless thing in your kitchen you won't get rid of?"

i keep a bookcase in the kitchen but my laptop at the end of the counter (wifi) is invaluable. i've booted lots of gadgets off the counters, but not the macbook pro. way too valuable when i need an answer. now.

is this mainstream now?

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  1. We have our laptop in the kitchen, too, but for me it can be a terrible distraction. While I am within arm's reach of the stove, I have a tendency to get engrossed in what I am reading. I have burned more garlic and onions than I care to admit!

    1. My sister's laptop wound up in a sink full of water. Now it stays in the study.

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      1. re: southernitalian

        Had mine on the bathroom counter once while I was getting ready to go somewhere, and one of the cats spilled water on it. It doesn't go anywhere near any source of running water anymore, after I replaced the hard drive and keyboard. (It's in the shop right now getting a new motherboard, again probably a result of the cat's clumsiness and my stupidity.) But I take it in the kitchen from time to time, to listen to music or look up a recipe. It can sit on the top of the deep freeze, which keeps it accessible but away from danger.

      2. It's handy but not important. I'm the type of cook who would rather make up an answer than look one up. However, instead of clipping recipes out of newspapers I have taken to copying them off of websites and saving them in text files. Some day (yeah, sure) I'm going to get a good database program and organize those suckers.

        1. not important, or necessary at all in my kitchen. I do not need, or use recipes from online sources, I do not trust them. Also, all my own recipes are stored in my brains hard drive.

          Also cooking is what I do to relax, and after spending 9-10 hours every workday staring at a computer, it is one of the last things I want to do when I am at home relaxing.

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          1. re: swsidejim

            Why do you not trust recipes from online sources? So many of them are printed in magazines, books, what-have-you.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              I do not look up recipes on the internet, if I need to get some ideas I do go to my cookbook collection @ home. If these recipes are reprinted somewhere online then I would think they were ok, but as I said I do not use my home p.c. for looking up recipes, more for getting directions to restaurants, and communicating in some of the forums I participate in. So a computer really has no place in my kitchen, but lives in my home office.

              I should have said I do not trust recipes from people, or sources I do not know.

              1. re: swsidejim

                OK, fair enough. I probably don't have near the # of cookbooks you do, as I don't call mine a "collection" :-) but I often find the Internet or my MasterCook program faster to find something if I choose a couple of ingredients and do a search on those particular items.

                And I don't have a computer in my kitchen either. No room.

          2. I live in my kitchen. My laptop is on my desk across from the cooktop and away from any sources of water. It is always on and I cannot imagine not having it there.