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Aug 29, 2007 03:12 PM

FoodFresh produce storage bags [Moved from Home Cooking]

Has anyone used these green plastic storage bags to help keep your produce fresh longer? They are being sold on HSN and I'm wondering if they really work and are worth it.

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  1. I have some of these and I do think they help preserve produce. I use them mostly for salad greens. Not sure how they work, but they do!

    1. Yes, the green bags do prolong the life of greens in the fridge! I The brand name of what I have is "Evert-Fresh". On HSN I see they have bags for breads and cold cuts, didn't know such bags existed, so can't tell you how they would work.

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        I've seen multiple racks of these all over Central Market, and passed them by, thinking they were just another gimmick. I will probably try them now, with this endorsement. I live with Mr. Food Safety, who likes to wrap up EVERYTHING in the fridge, so these might also satisfy his control-freak needs too.

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          I have the Evert-Fresh ones, too. My CSA recommended them and I think they do work. I don't know how either, but I think they prolong the life of the produce somewhat. I buy mine on Amazon.


        2. I've had them for years - I get them from Gaiam. They really do work. I need them during the summer because we get so much each week from our CSA.