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Aug 29, 2007 02:22 PM

Jin East Japanese - Garden City, LI

Anyone know anything about this place? It was just approved. It's the store located next to J Barbera Tobacconist, near Grimaldi's. J Barbera is GREAT, by the way. Anyway, it's basically across the street from Sushi Ya, so not sure what to think.


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  1. I saw that too. I look at the meeting minutes online for the Village. I used to work in another Village, so I know that's always a good way to get information on upcoming businesses.

    Kind of a bizarre location, no?

    They are tempting the Gods, it seems.

    Sushi Ya is fine. I don't love it. Their rolls are very big, not bite size. I don't care for that style. It's very awkward to eat. But it's okay if I don't feel like driving to my other haunts: Kumo in the Fairway shopping center in Plainview, Shogi in W-bury or Teriyaki Tobigo in Bellerose.

    I will give it a try of course and if they have good wasabi shumai and chicken negima, my husband will be loving it! That's all he will eat Japanese-wise.

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      Shogi was excellent. Great tip. Thanks. She's kinda on the way out, though, no? She says she's been doing it 18 yrs and is starting to relax. Lunch...12-2, can't take a lot to go, etc. Great while it's there, though.

      Anyway, the windows have been blocked off, permits for signs have been put into GC. Anyone know anything about it?

      Also, heard the old Smokey's place is going to be an eatery, too, but not sure what. Any ideas?

      1. re: GCGuy

        Glad you liked it! I love Yuko. I know the experience can be somewhat rigid, as she has what she has, but what she has is very good! I hope she's not retiring though. I would really miss her.

        I will have to pop in this week.

        I don't know anything add'l about either of the GC places. I'll ask Robert, the RPh at Atlantis, he's usually a good source of information.

          1. re: GCGuy

            Owner/Pharmacist @ Atlantis Chemists, next to the Panini place.

                1. re: GCGuy

                  GC Guy,

                  Funny you should inquire today of all days. I was in the icky Key Food tonight and the man on line ahead of me was telling the cashier that TJ's is moving into the Food Basket spot.

                  I wonder if it is true...there is activity going on in the space lately. Asbestos removal, etc. People working in there during the day.

                  Don't know anything about Jin East though. What's the latest?

                  I'm moving to Oyster Bay soon anyway, so I'll have to start re-directing my Chowhound posts. Sadly, there's not much in the way of good eats in Obay.

                  1. re: JGS

                    tell me about it, Oyster Bay has the worst pizza on long island. Have i had pizza everywhere on long island, no, but i'm still confident its the worst here. Are u sure u wanna move here, the supermarket stinks too. The food in this town generally stinks. I love the chinese takeout behind the hess station. One of the best chinese takeout places i have ever been too. Everything is either top notch or very good for takeout. I will miss that when i get out of here as soon as the wife and i find a house to buy.

                    1. re: jpf1980


                      NO, I don't want to move there!! Hopefully it's only temporary though...

                      My family is there, but they are not such foodies, so don't seem to mind it, but they do agree Stop&Shop is gross. I think I will be doing my shopping at John's Farms, TJ's Plainview and the supermarket on Forest Ave, in Glen Cove, it's either a KK or a new Stop&Shop. That's my plan.

                      Tell me, besides the Chinese, good tip, what else have you got for me?

                      Also in need of local pub where single girls can meet for drinks and not feel like complete degenerates. A place like Wild Honey perhaps.

                      And, at least Huntington is close by, thankfully.

                      1. re: JGS

                        i've only been to wild honey once. I do not even remember there being anything more than a service bar there. I did have an excellent meal there, but i don't think its a place to go for a drink.

                        Cantebury Ales is nice looking, and overpriced. There bar is tiny, but are ok for burgers, sandwiches, beer selection.

                        I think Il Piato has a nice bar, i've actually never been inside there though. Its the only place left in this town where i want to try the food.

                        Not knowing your age I am not sure what you are looking for. I've never been to Coach, it seems like a very middle age + crowd so i have no interest in going being only 27. But that place seems to be hopping on a Fri and Saturday night judging by the amount of cars going in and out.

                        Roady's is new and the guys are nice. Descent breakfeast and deli sandwiches, but nothing special.

                        Taby's breakfeast is actually very good, but there burgers are incredibly overated.

                        I've been to Glen cove once since i've moved here about 20 months ago, so i am not that familiar with that town. I go to Fairway mostly, and unfortunatly the OB stop and shop on weekends that i don't have time to make the 15 minute or so trip. The stop and shop on Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury is actually pretty nice, but its only about 3 minutes from Fairway if you take the back roads there.

                    2. re: JGS

                      I heard that TJs was balking at the rent...they insist on below market rents, like $15/sq. ft. and exclusive parking. I do know that the owner and Chamber of Commerce were pushing for them. It would be perfect. Anyway, I heard it was going to be a produce type place. Dopey, I think, but we'll see. What's up with that Key Food? Shut it down already...

                      Good luck on the move. OB is not bad. There's always Rothman's.

        1. Soft opening last Fri. Open from lunch through dinner. Excellent place. Very nice, sleek, modern design (stone, wood, "cool music"). The staff is VERY nice and helpful. Some things are not in yet, but they have awesome sushi with some very innovative rolls. $65 omakase option. Excellent chicken teriyaki. Large Sake bar/selection.

          They are the owners of Jin in the Lower East Side. Grand opening will be next Tues, after the long weekend.

          I would highly recommend. Rolls were about average, with the special rolls in the $12-$15 range, but they were very large. Even had an excellent avocado topped salad with the best peanut suace I've ever had.

          It's a GREAT addition to the area. It's on Franklin, next to Grimaldi's and J Barbera's.