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Aug 29, 2007 02:08 PM

Chevre Gelato!

I recently had chevre (goat cheese) flavored gelato at Silverlake's Pazzo Gelato. It was so delicious. I love goat cheese, and I was pleasently surprised at the light flavor. Not too pungent, but unmistakably chevre flavored. I wish I had bought a pint of it. I called back a few days later, and they were out. They didn't know when they would have it again. I called a second time, and they still hadn't made anymore. I will have to keep trying. Is there anywhere else that makes this special goat-cheesy creamy treat?

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  1. ooh, that sounds good -- I've been craving either chevre gelato or cheesecake. The last time I went to Pazzo, I was craving something white and creamy like that, and instead they had about six different types of espresso-flavored gelato...I guess you have to check back often. Not sure where else you could get it, maybe Scoops?
    Il Cono in Beverly Hills has a very large selection of flavors, but according to their website, no chevre. However, in the milky category, they have fior di latte, panna, dulce de leche, panna cotta, mascarpone...not to mention rice flavor!

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      scoops had goat cheese/dill flavor and also mascarpone cheese flavor both very good.

    2. You might try Scoops -- here's a recent thread with a listing of people's favorite flavors from there -- it looks like last week they had a goat cheese/lavendar flavor.

      1. You should try Laloos Goat's Milk Ice Cream. They sell it at Whole Foods. My favorite so far is the Vanilla Snowflake.

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          It's good stuff, but it doesn't have that kind of cheesecakey flavor I was thinking of. But I've heard they have some interesting new flavors, so I'll have to get some more.

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            The lemon chiffon flavor actually contains chevre, so it might have more of the taste you're seeking.

        2. I went to Pazzo earlier today seeking the chevre and raspberry gelato that I saw just days ago and was disappointed to learn it was all gone. It looked so tasty when I was there on Tuesday, but I opted for a scoop of almond fig and a scoop of chocolate malt chip, which were delicious by the way. Today, I had the mascarpone and ginger snap. OMG. So delish. Last summer, I was there during a blackout and they were giving gelato away for free because it was melting. That was a great day. Try back in a few weeks for the chevre flavor because I see it there regularly. I highly recommend the mascarpone! :)