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Aug 29, 2007 01:59 PM

modernist's ultimate guide google maps style


my friend got a programmer to make this google maps ish thing to locate stuff for my list.
its old so i gotta update it. and its not totally accurate as i just did a quick check so please double check the addresses. but its kinda fun...

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  1. Can you include the link modernist?

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    1. re: echo eater

      jeez such a stickler for details!



    2. This is very useful. Might want to update some of the restaurants ... some have closed. Great work nonetheless.

      1. This is really very nice. I hope you will continue to update your "ultimate guide". Thanks for the effort.

        1. does this still exist anywhere? this thing was legendary.

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          1. re: tannazie

            sorry, friend let the thing pass on.
            been too busy traveling and working to do any updates either.