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Aug 29, 2007 01:51 PM

Great Barrington Question

I posted my impression of Cafe Adam about four days ago. I checked the New England board and found something about almost all of the restaurants in this catagory in the area but nothing about Cafe Adam. Has anyone been there? I am interested in some feedback and do not understand the scarcity of information about this place. I was there Saturday night and I thought it was great.

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  1. Hi, I read your review and am glad you had a nice meal. We tried it once at lunchtime last summer and I found the food quite good - my main course was scallops, fresh and well prepared although I can't remember details. We found it expensive for the size of the portions. I don't need or want a huge serving, but our servings were quite petite and we left kind of hungry. Moderately expensive, although friendly service and lovely, unique decor for the area. I have wondered how they were doing and have thought about going back - but not at those prices for the amount of food we were served.

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      Lunch portions were on the small size but dinner portions were Regular size and much more interesting and delicious than other comparably priced restaurants.

    2. I don't know it, and I'm in Gt Barrington fairly regularly. Where is it located?

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        On Route 7 across from the Price Chopper shopping mall next to Aegean Breeze
        restaurant. It is in rear part of the free standing building. and there is a sign on the highway.