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Aug 29, 2007 01:50 PM

fried clams, Manchester by the sea?

I have friends in town from Pennsylvania for the weekend & want to give them the New England experience....

I don't drive, & have never been to Manchester by the Sea...we're taking the commuter rail from the city...any good fried clam shacks (or, if not, even foncy sit down seafood places) in this area within walking distance of the beachy area?

thanks for any advice!

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  1. Sorry it isn't like that, there are essentially four restaurants in town, The Landing which is the "fancy" place, a little Greek coffee/pizza shop, an organic-ish place that does fancy pizzas and uses a lot of coconut and curry, and a cafe that does breakfast and lunch. That's it, no clam shacks, no real seafood to speak of. M by the Sea is beautiful and very New England, but not very chowish.

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      1. re: trotliner

        thank you! I will keep the organic-ish place in mind in case we need a bite....otherwise mebbe I'll just take 'em back to Boston after the beach time...

      2. I'd go to The Landing at Seven Central. Other than that, I can't think of any clam shacks within walking distance. Essex, Gloucester, and Rockport all have good clam shacks, but you'd need to bring a bike on the commuter rail to get to any of those towns, as they are all several miles away.

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          They should just stay on commuter rail to the end of the line in Rockport then. Lots of eating places there, but I've not been lately.

          1. re: TheWizard

            I agree 100%. Unless there is a specific reason to go to Manchester, I'd keep going...

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            The Rockport station is less than a mile from the seaport - should be walkable. And for New England seafood, that's probably the best bet.

          3. In Essex, Woodmans is well known for their fried clams and one of my favorites. Not sure what stop you would need to exit from the commuter rail, but I believe as someone else stated that to get to any of the clam shacks in the area you will need additional transportation. Perhaps a cab from the station? You might consider coming up to Newburyport on the commuter rail. It has a lot of walking possibilities. There is a place right near the Downtown called Park Lunch. I have never been, but have heard rave reviews about their fried clams. Bob Lobster on Plum Island is one of my favorites. It’s about 2 miles from the Downtown, so a cab might be needed here too. I did recently read about Newburyport’s bicycle cabs. They are in the Downtown and free (they do suggest a donation which goes to cancer research). Good luck

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            1. re: Pawsinhand

              Cala's is in Manchester and it is very good. No fried clams though. Get a cab to Farnhams in Essex, about 6 miles away.


              7 Beach St, Manchester, MA 01944

              1. re: ipsofatso

                thank you! I'll check out Cala's in case the fried clam craving subsides!

              2. re: Pawsinhand

                thanks so much! I will consider Newburyport, then!