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Aug 29, 2007 01:29 PM

Krispy Kreme Kashrut


as of 08/20/2007

The Krispy Kreme at Penn Plaza is no longer Star-D
certified. In fact presently the Star-D does
not certify any Krispy Kreme store or Krispy Kreme
products in the NY, NJ, CT area. We are sending
email alerts to all those included in our email
alert system informing them of this update.
In addition ads will be placed in several Jewish
newspapers. Please feel free to inform all those
who you think would benefit from this information.
If you have any questions please call.

Star-D is National Council of Young Israel Supervision
with administrative assistance from;
Rabbi Shmuel Heinemann
Kashrus Administrator
Star-K Kosher Certification
732-364-5427 fax

  1. The original comment has been removed